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Q & A continue #7 for Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

Q & A continue #7 for Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

A Rocky Point Sunset
Sail away while watching a Rocky Point Sunset

Lot’s of small sail boats out in Puerto Peñasco in fall. Photo by Kathy Willits

Question: This one from Carla.

My husband and I will be driving to Puerto Peñasco with friends and want to bring our 14-foot sailboat. The regulations say that if the boat is 4.5 meters long or longer, then we must follow guidelines regarding temporary importation of the vessel (register it and pay a fee). Fourteen feet converts to 4.27 meters. Would you recommend we follow the guidelines, or trust that it will be obvious that the sail boat does not trigger the guidelines? Thank you for your advice,


Good question Carla.  We have Hobie Cat races here often and I think they are about the same length, so you shouldn’t have any problems.  I would make sure you bring along the boat registration with you.  I will ask around and if I find out anything else, I will let you know.

More info at: Boating in Rocky Point

Sonoyta Crossing
Border crossing at Lukeville, AZ into Sonoyta Mexico

Question: This one is from Sue.
Many of us are confused as to how much we can bring across the border per person?  Can you please give us your opinion?

Answer:  Duty free allowance: I was checking out the duty free allowance amount to verify it is $300 for each person per  vehicle on the However during holiday periods-Easter, Summer, Christmas and New Years, you may import up to $500 per person.

Enjoy Thanksgiving Day Dinner at Latitude 31

Latitude 31 Thanksgiving

Question: Gayle asks.

We have always brought our turkey down for Thanksgiving and done them in a pit on the beach in front of Playa Bonita for our group. However now I hear that you can’t have any fires on the beach and is that true?  If so, are there any places that serve a nice Thanksgiving dinner or that would cater it for us at Playa Bonita?

You are correct, fires are no longer allowed on the beaches.  For a change you can either go to Latitude 31 for a sit down Thanksgiving Dinner (only $13.50 pp) or ask Playa Bonita to cater it for your group.  This way you can sit back and enjoy and have no clean up and you will be supporting the local economy.  If you choose Latitude 31, you need to get your reservation in ASAP as they sell out every year.  See the above flyer.
Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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