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Questions from our readers at

Questions from our readers at

We will try to answer all of your questions in a timely manner and will give you the most accurate information that we can.  When you send us a question, would you please let me know if we can use your first name and where you are from.

Q:Hi Beverly,
We have come down to Puerto Penasco a handful of times and fell in love with it so much we just bought a home in Las Conchas.  I really appreciate your blog, it gives us a lot of information about our new home away from home.Keep up the good work, and we will bring a bag of dog food for Barb the next time we come down.Thanks again!
Lanny and Pamela 

A: I will always answer your questions no matter how many time the question is asked, unlike many in the FB groups.  I know Barb will appreciate the donation as well.  Summers are always difficult as so many people that help have gone to cooler weather, the puppies, however, are always coming.

Cute puppies
The little cutie on the left is looking for you! Please check them out.

Q: Hello, I am interested in information on travel from Phoenix to Rocky Point, Sonora.  I am unable to find this on your website.  Do you have transportation between the two destinations?  Thank you.

A: Thanks Susan for your inquiry.  There are a couple of shuttle services here.  One is Head Out To Rocky Point and the other is Nina’s Shuttle.  Head Out To Rocky Point has a very good track record and will pick you up and drop you off where ever you need them to.  You can also rent a car from Enterprise Car Rentals at the airport.  Make sure you purchase their Mexican Insurance policy, even though it might be expensive as it is the LAW.  The nice thing about this is that once you are here, you have transportation to go out and see the town.

Head out to Rocky Point

Q:  Dear Sirs/Madams,     I’d like to take a trip to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) but my wife is concerned about the whole drug cartel, safety thing. Can you tell me what the safety brief is like in that area? Thanks, John from San Tan Valley

A: Hi John, It is not to say there are no drug issues here as there are.  With that being said, if you do what you would do in the USA, you will not have issues.  Drug cartels do not want to draw attention to themselves so rarely is a tourist hurt.  The highway coming down is patrolled and also is monitored by what is called the Green Angels, whose job it is to help you in the event of a break down.

A couple of things are do not travel at night and make sure you are staying in a condo area or Las Conchas which has many rental homes.  The safety brief that the US Consulate puts out of Mexico City general is not intended for us although it does include the State of Sonora.
Do you have children?  There are a lot of things for them to do in the tide pools looking for little creatures.  I hope you will come down and see for yourself and not listen to most of the AZ media.More on Is it Safe to go to Rocky Point?

Q: Hi there! I came across your webpage (thanks for keeping it up by the way), and I had a few questions about Puerto Peñasco.  This will be our very first time traveling to visit (my husband planned the trip), and I must admit, I am really terrified of visiting, given how dangerous Mexico is and, given that the US government has deemed Sonora as one of the most dangerous states to visit. My family will be driving down from Lukeville Arizona to Puerto Peñasco,  along with our 3 small children (2 under the age of 5) and my elderly parents. My question is, how safe is Puerto Peñasco? How safe is it to drive from Lukeville to Rocky Point? Does it get packed during spring break? Are the Catholic churches we can visit during this time? Do you have any info that will help me feel better about visiting? Thanks so much for all of your help! I am really looking forward to a response. Have a great day!  Susana

A: Susana, I can only tell you that my children and grand children have been coming here for years with no issues.  It is a short 1 hour across the border and it is patrolled by 2 groups to help you in case of a breakdown.  Spring Break and Semana Santa (Easter Holy week) are 2 times you want to avoid if at all possible.  Yes there are 2 Catholic churches here, one in the Old Port and one in town.  You and your family will have a wonderful relaxing time.  You can come into the Old Port area and grab a Thrift Ice Cream and sit and watch the shrimp boats come and go as well as the sunset boats.  Speaking of the a sunset cruise is really fun and there is one that looks like a Pirate ship and is great for families..  You will have fun so come down, sit and relax.

Boat Sunset Cruise
Sunset Cruise

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