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Puerto Peñasco, a Wedding Destination & Vacation Destination

Puerto Peñasco, a Wedding Destination & Vacation Destination

April 2017 has proved once again to be one of the busiest months of the year.  Not only did 135,000 tourists come here for Semana Santa (Easter weekend) from Arizona, California, Texas, Baja California, Chihuahua, Sinaloa and Sonora filling all lodging to 100%, it also increased revenue by 15% over last year.  Add to the fact that the weekend before Semana Santa there were at least 6 weddings in Puerto Peñasco.  The month is barely half over and there are more things coming up like the Triathlon and more weddings.  Puerto Peñasco has rapidly become a destination for beach goers as the beach and the Sea of Cortez  are crystal clear and clean. The Sea of Cortez and it’s beautiful sunsets make for a great back drop for a wedding and oh so romantic.

Sunset Time
Your friends and family will be in awe.

Rocky Point Sunsets

If you are planning a wedding in Rocky Point, it now has become a fact that you need to do so a year in advance if it is to be in April, May or June.  The city is still learning about these sort of things, but there is a limit as to how many suppliers there are for equipment rentals for an outside wedding,  DJ’s, photographers, caterers, cake makers, florist, bartenders and so much more to say nothing of lodging accommodations for  families and friends.  If you are having a large reception with a sit down dinner at one of the resorts, that will take some extra planning.  If you plan to be married in one of the churches, that is another consideration.

Custom Wedding Cakes

Most of the cake makers in Puerto Peñasco can custom design your cake.

Start your Beach Wedding with Marachi Music

Most people who decide to be married in Puerto Peñasco, get legally married in the United States where they reside and then have the party here.  This is much easier that going through the paperwork do be legally married in Mexico.

Luxury condo developments for weddings and the beach.

Although there are several  wedding planners here, the fact still remains you have to have the suppliers of everything that goes into an event like this, to get the things you want.  You may want to interview the wedding planners to see which one best suites your needs and get references and the same goes if you are using a caterer, DJ and photographer.  This will insure that you have no last minute surprises on your wedding day.

Another beauitul sunset.

Due to the fact the Rocky Point has a huge tide swing on full and new moons, it is best to check that in advance as well as sunset times.  The sunsets are some of the best anywhere, but you want to time it so the ceremony is prior to sunset so there is plenty of time for your guests to get back to where the dinner or reception is being held.  You can check these things usually near the end of the year when all the new tide chart calendars are out.

A typical Rocky Point day

If your group loves wine, there is no need to haul any of it from the USA.  Wines from The Valle de Guadalupe in Baja Norte can be gotten via a source like El  Tapeo Wine Bar or you may be able to contract with a winery directly if you are familiar with any of the wines from that area.  There are so many good ones to choose from and Laura from El Tapeo can point you in the right direction.

Saying your wedding vows near the water.

A fun event for the day after the wedding is to have all the guests that have stayed over an extra day is to take a sunset cruise or perhaps do it the day before the wedding.   This is a great way for all of your guests to meet ahead of time.

Take your guests on a sunset cruise

Be assured that the suppliers and wedding planners are well versed in their fields and are 100% professional .  A wedding in Puerto Peñasco, will be one that you and your family and friends will truly remember and cherish for a lifetime of memories.  Start making your plans now.  If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Vendors can provide everything for  your specail day

Don’t forget we are only a one hour drive south of the border and it is safe and an easy drive.  Go to www.Puerto-Peñ to check out lodging today to start making plans.