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Gourmet Store "CS Foods" in Puerto Peñasco

Gourmet Store "CS Foods" in Puerto Peñasco

CS Foods Has Expanded
I am sure that most of us living in Puerto Peñasco have at one time or the other been in CS Foods across from Numeros.  It was small and crowded and as Michelle Hopkins, the owner, said “clients came in, got what they needed and left” as it was so cramped.  Not any more, they took over the video store that was next door and now you just want to wonder around looking at everything they have.  The freezers will be labeled so you no longer need to open every one of them.

CS Gourmet Store

We recently stopped by CS Foods on the corner of Juan De LA Barreda and Blvd Kino, across from Numero’s to check out their expansion.  If you haven’t gone in yet… it is a must. Looks like a gourmet store with more specialty items.  They really needed more room and this is just perfect.  As Michelle and Carlos the owners said, “We didn’t know what all we had until we moved”.  Now things are on display and there is everything from those hard to find items to chef’s jackets and shirts, commercial pots and pans and more.
Michelle and Carlos moved here 10 years ago from Nogales.  Her father started the business 35 years ago and now their trucks deliver to over 36 cities in 9 states and as far south as Mexico City.  When in high school, on vacations and Saturdays, Michelle use to work with him, so that is how she got into the business.
CS currently has 7 stores with the Puerto Peñasco location being more like a gourmet store while the others are more warehouse style.  Puerto Peñasco has become the first model of the chain.  Other cities that have stores are Hermosillo, Juarez, Guadalajara, La Paz, etc.  Franchisees are taught systems, inventory control, about importing and how to run a business.  CS is a supplier to such chains as IHOP, Peter Piper Pizza, Applebee’s and Hooters in Mexico.

CS Food

It is so great to a have store that carries a vast array of those had to find items as well as staples.  To help the American community for our holidays, they special order turkeys for Thanksgiving, hams at Easter and carry all of our favorite pies.  They carry a lot of seasonings as well as frozen racks of ribs, salmon, chicken breasts, butter, heavy cream, nuts, eggs, condiments, Italian sausage, bacon, sliced beef, pizza sausage, Blue Cheese and Gorgonzola, lobster (on occasion), dinner rolls and breads  just to name a few of the items.  Unlike the big box stores, one really nice thing is they make small containers of like Chia seeds, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips  and nuts.  They even have small portions of specialty cheeses.
If you have not gone to CS lately go over and say hello.  They are open 8-5 Monday – Friday, open Saturday until 3.  If you need something special, definitely don’t be afraid to ask.  If they can get it, they  will certainly try.  They are taking orders for Turkeys now so don’t wait.  We got ours from them last year and it was a wonderful Butterball.
So nice not to have to haul stuff from the USA anymore.  Thanks Michelle and Carlos and many good wishes.