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All the Information You Need About TAR Airlines

All the Information You Need About TAR Airlines

CBX Border Crossing

I know many of you have been following our blogs on TAR Airlines that is now flying between Tijuana/Puerto Peñasco/Hermosillo and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and you have been liking and sharing these with your friends.  Thank you for that.  On August 6th we posted a video on how to get to drive to the Cross Border Xpress and park.  Now I would like to show you another clip of the Cross Border Xpress procedure.  It is in English and easy to understand.

If you have family in Southern California or anywhere on the west coast or even the entire U.S.A., they can now fly into San Diego and then once they have their luggage, look for the signs that say Transportation.  They will have the option to use the bus or taxi.  I tell you all this because it can be a 2 hour drive by bus, shorter by taxi unless it is rush hour traffic.   They need to allow travel time from San Diego and allow themselves plenty of time to get to the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) facility, get their crossing tickets and boarding passes.

CBS Tijuana-San Diego

Once they are the Cross Border Express (CBX), it is a short walk over the border and they will be right inside the Tijuana Airport.  The tickets are $16 USD one way and $30 USD round trip.  They should check  the CBX website as there are discounts for more than 2 people traveling.  One other thing, they can also get their boarding passes from the Kiosks in the CBX facility as they will need these to cross over the bridge.

Rocky Point Airport

On a side note, from people I have spoken with who have used this airline, say it is very comfortable and relaxing to fly and ON TIME.

We are also posting again the flight schedules for TAR Airlines in case you missed them in our August blog.  If you have any questions, call us or email us and we will get answers for you.

Call us at:  1-800-997-9431
819                   CJS – PPE                                   10:00 am                        10:45 am
822                  PPE – TIJ                                     11:10  am                        12:15 pm
823                  TIJ – PPE                                      12:40 pm                          1:40 pm
826                 PPE – HMO                                     2:05  pm                          3:05 pm
827                 HMO – PPE                                     3:45  pm                           4:45 pm
818                 PPE – CJS                                       5:10  pm                           6:45 pm
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