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CEDO.. A place for fun and to learn

CEDO.. A place for fun and to learn

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Have you ever driven through Las Conchas here in Puerto Peñasco Mexico  and about half way through noticed a huge Fin Whale Skelton on a hill side?  Well welcome to CEDO, the  Intercutural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans.  CEDO is now over 35 years old and growing.  It was started as a non profit collaboration between the University of Arizona Tucson Ecology and Evolutionary Department and the University of Sonora in Hermosillo.  It was designed for research, education and adventure and it is the place to learn about where the desert t meets the Sea of Cortez eco system.

Rocky Point Bird Island

It offers Tide Pool walks, Kayak tours in the Estuary Morua, boat trips to Bird Island as well as El Pinacate Biosphere reserve tours.  One of the next big events will be the “Wet Feet Camp” for children July 2 – 6.  Please check the CEDO calendar to sign up.  CEDO also has adult programs as well.

Vaquita Marina in Rocky Point, Mexico
Vaquita Marina

In 2007 CEDO won Mexico’s National Conservation of Nature award for their 27 years of effort to protect the Gulf Of California as it is also referred to.  It has been instrumental in the “Saving the Vaquita” an endangered specie that now numbers way below 50. They have also been instrumental in helping the Sea Turtle survive when they come here to lay their eggs and to make certain they are not disturbed.  CEDO has many educational programs and exhibits and promotes sustainable and conservation use of our natural resources.  One of its goals is to  create thriving coastal communities that are self sustainable while maintaining a healthy eco system.  They have also have been instrumental in saving the Totoaba an endangered fish.

Totoaba in Rocky Point

This brings me back to the Fin Whale.  The Fin Whale is one of a couple that visit the Puerto Peñasco area.  They generally arrive in February and hang around for a few days.  The past few years they have arrived in January and have stayed for up to a month.  They seem to like the view as much as the residents do!  You can go out on Whale watching tours during those times and do remember to bring your camera.  Many times they can be seen just a few hundred yards off shore from the Sandy Beach resorts.  The Fin Whale at CEDO is about 55′ and was a youngster when it met its demise.  Adult Fins can grow up to 75′ long.  Sadly we have had over the time I have been coming here, seeing them washed up on shore south of town.  While in Cabo San Lucas years ago I asked our fishing captain why do we have them wash up beside the extreme high Tide changes that Rocky Point has?  His explanation was simply that if a Whale gets sick on it’s journey from Alaska, they think that if they get into warmer waters that they will get better!  Makes sense as the are very smart mammals.  But unfortunately they don’t make it.  If you should ever come up one that has just arrived, please notify CEDO.  Do not remove any part of the animal and DO NOT try taking it or any Turtle pieces back across the border with you.

Take the time and visit CEDO and tour the “Earthship”.  In 1992 Jeanette Clifton visited Taos, New Mexico and learned about the construction of these buildings out of old tires and cans.  In the Taos area you will see them dotting the hillsides.  It started with 240 tires.  It features an 18′ dome made out of aluminum cans and a cement type mixture that is like Adobe.  It is self sustaining.  She devoted her tireless efforts to see this project evolve.  There are 2 sections to this complex as well as a place where students stay on field trips.

Cedo at Las Conchas

The “Earthship” houses the gift shop and store.  Here you will find many books about the area and probably one of the best book stores in Rocky Point as well as CEDO Tide Calendars, shirts and other apparel , “Save The Vaquita” shirts and earrings. It is here where you can also purchase the famous Mata Ortiz Pottery as well as items including indigenous crafts and art from Oaxaca,  Chiapas and Chihuahua.  There also baskets from Tarahumara and pottery.  If you want you can also purchase a hand painted tile to donate to the CEDO walls with your names or children or grand children’s names.

If you have any questions about anything, please let us know and we will make sure you get the info you need to visit this wonderful attraction.

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