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Puerto Peñasco "A Happening Place "

Puerto Peñasco "A Happening Place "

Memorial Day 2016 is but a glimpse in the rear view mirror.  The little city of Rocky Point was flooded with people from all over  AZ, CA, Baja and more.  It seems that the 4 mile back up coming into Mexico and several hours wait to get back into the US is not deterring people.  The count was over 35,000 people who came and spent money at restaurants, bars, condos, hotels, beach front homes and vendors and shops.  There were wait lists at many of the rental companies so that is great news.  There were no reports of serious accidents which is also wonderful news, considering the way the quad and rhino drivers were driving.  To all of our visitors, we say Thank You and we hope you will come back again to Puerto Peñasco.

So you are asking yourselves, what are the locals going to do now that summer is upon us.  Let me give you a run down of upcoming events and one that is currently going on.

Marine Festival started May 27 and ends June 5th.    It is a tribute to the fisherman who have been the back bone of this city.  Every day there are events going on and you can look at the attached schedule to see what you would like to do.  The harbor was bustling with boats and music yesterday and the queen that was crowned presides over the events. If you haven’t attended this event, plan to do it next year.  Flags are flying by the Navy Base.  Mexico has a beautiful flag, but unlike the U.S., it only flies on certain holidays, so it was nice to see the one down by the Plaza de Governors in the Old Port flying proudly.

Festival de la Marina Puerto Penasco

While I am speaking about flags, PLEASE when you come from the US, DO NOT fly the American Flag on your sand rail unless you fly the Mexican Flag with it. If you fly one at your home, make sure the Mexican Flag is on top.  Simple courtesy and no different from the U.S.

Now for upcoming events in Puerto Peñasco.  The weekend of June 9th will be filled with bands from all over and at almost every bar and it is also the Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers concert.  Please check the schedule below as there will be events at Banditos, J.J.’s Cantina in Cholla Bay, Capone’s Seafood and Pizzeria as well as a few others.  We are getting more musical groups coming down from the U.S. and the turnout for these events is great.  If you don’t have reservations… go to and let them help you.

circus Mexicus in Rocky Point, Mexico

Coming June 12th is The Great Rubber Ducky Race on Sandy Beach.  Those elusive little yellow ducks can be purchased for $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00.  Monies go to charity from this event.  There are some great prizes including a weekend stay at one of the Sonoran Resorts, a weekend at Las Palomas Resort, a round of golf for 2 at Las Palomas Golf Resort, spa treatments and so much more.  You can call Barb at 602-324-9529 or in Mexico at 383-4693 to purchase your ducks or maybe you would like to volunteer to keep all those little guys in line or you can email her at

Charities in Rocky Point

Don’t forget the every day events going on here such as horseback riding on the beach, kayaking on the Sea of Cortez, fly in an ultra-light and take pictures of the happenings below, fishing, golfing at one of our 3 golf courses and don’t forget about taking a sunset cruise.  Need numbers for reservations, please contact me and I’ll get you more information than you probably want.

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