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How to Book a Flight to Rocky Point, Mexico

How to Book a Flight to Rocky Point, Mexico

In this tutorial we will help with directions to Book a flight with TAR Airlines to Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) Sonora, Mexico.
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Now we begin with the Tutorial:
1. You have to visit the site: and you will get the following:


2. Then you go the panel on the right side and choose from “Sencillo (One Way)” or “Redondo (Round Trip)”:

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-2On this Example we are going to choose “Redondo” (Round Trip)

3. Then we are going to choose our Airport where it says “Desde” (From) and a Popup window will appear:

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-4We picked Tijuana for this Example.

4. Then on “Hacia” (To) you choose your destination in this case Puerto Peñasco

5. Then you will click on “Salida” to pick a Departure Date (On the Box with the date)


6. On the Popup window appears a Calendar choose your date there, we Selected Thursday Julio (July) 21st:


7. You do the same for your “Regreso” (Return Date), we selected Sunday July 24th (Julio 24)


8. Then you choose the number of passangers: Adulto = Adult , Menor = Minor(kids under 17), Senior (60+)


We Picked just 1 Senior for this Example

9. Then you just click “Buscar mi vuelo” (Search Flights)


10. On the Next Page you will choose the Class for your flight which are the Following:

Promo: No Discounts, 1 checked bag 25kg (55 pounds), No Name Change, No Refunds
Eco: 10% Discount, 1 checked bag 25kg (55 pounds), No Name Change, No Refunds
Flex: 20% Discount, 1 checked bag 25kg (55 pounds), No Name Change, No Refunds
Star Club: Priority Help Desk, Seats 1-5 row, Priority Boarding, 2 Checked Bags, Name Change anytime, 25% Discount

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-11We Selected “Promo” for this example, You can see on lower right side the Total in Mexican Pesos

11. Then You click on “Vuelo de Regreso” to pick the class on your return flight.


12. We picked promo again and click on “Continuar” (Continue), to go to the next page:


on the right lower corner you can see the Final Price on Mexican Pesos

13. On the next Page you are going to be able to fill the following spaces:
Nombre = Your Name
Apellido = Last Name
Fecha de Nacimiento = Date of Birth
Genero = Gender
Asistencia TAR = TAR Assistance (Personal Attention and Traveler insurance)
Maleta Adicional = Additional Bag
Mascotas = Pets (Pets on Cargo or with the Passenger)
Asistencia especial a pasajeros = Special Needs Passangers, Handicap spaces, Wheelchairs and others (No Charge)

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-14Fill out all the spaces and click “Continuar” (Continue)

14. On the Next page you are going to choose your seat by clicking on the seat number:


We picked 10B but you can choose any seat you like

15. Then you can click on “Vuelo de Regreso” (Return Flight) or just scroll down to pick your seat on your return flight.


We picked the same seat “10B”

16. Then scroll down and just Click “Continuar” (Continue) to go to the Next Page

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-1717. Then you have to fill the following information: Datos del Contacto = Contact Information
Correo Electronico = E-Mail Address
Confirmar Correo Electronico = Confirm E-mail Address
Telefono = Phone Number
Celular = Cell Phone
Direccion = Address
Calle y Numero = Street Address and Number
Codigo Postal = Zip Code
Estado = State
Municipio = City


13. Then you have to choose a payment method


You can also pay on Local Stores like “Farmacias Benavides” or “Farmacias de Ahorro”:


14. After you enter your payment method you can read and accept the Terms and Conditions and click on the check mark to approve


Then you will click on “Pagar” (Pay) and that’s it, you will receive a e-mail confirmation on your email address shortly

You have any question feel free to reach to us on our page

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