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Youth Sports Foundation of Puerto Peñasco

Youth Sports Foundation of Puerto Peñasco

The “Youth Sports Foundation of Puerto Peñasco” was founded nearly 9 years ago by Rick Busa.  He has enlisted coaches from the US to come down and donate their time free of charge to work with these young kids.  Many of these guys have enlisted their friends to get equipment donated or purchased and given to the these kids.  Getting young children involved at an early age in sports as we all know is so important.  It teaches them confidence, sportsmanship, being part of a team and so much more.

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In 1973 Bill and I went Kino Bay Sonora  for  a week of vacation.  Almost every night we would go to the baseball field with our guama of beer and watch baseball.  Sometimes it was kids and sometimes adults.  It was hard at times to figure out which team was which as they had no matching uniforms or equipment…. but boy could they play ball.  I am certain that many of you know  how many Arizona Diamond Back players have come out of not just Mexico but the State of Sonora.

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Over the years here, we have gone to  our Tiburon Baseball games and it is great to see the talent on these Sonoran teams.  Think of this “Youth Sports Foundation of Puerto Peñasco” as an investment in the young athletes of tomorrow.

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Upon speaking with Rick Busa over the weekend, he explained that we are a week away until the annual baseball coaches clinic for the children of Puerto Peñasco. This year looks to be a bigger year for the children. Everyone is talking about the baseball clinic.

Baseballl clinic rocky point

The bad news is that they are behind of lasts years donations of cash and equipment. They are asking everyone to please step up to the plate and help them out. “We have friends all over that can pick up or even drop off the sports equipment”.

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Rick went on to say that they are a 501(3) foundation so it will be tax deductible. The cash can be sent through Money Gram, Western Union or through your bank. You can contact us through our Facebook page or send Rick Busa a message via Facebook or email.  Rick and his group have put so much into this that I hope everyone can donate something.  Every little bit will help these kids learn.

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If you need to and can’t find him, please send me your info and I will see that it gets passed on.  His email is  My home number is 623-298-4284 if it is urgent.
I along with Rick Busa thank  you in advance for helping the Youth Sports Foundation of Puerto Peñasco.

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