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Is it Safe to go to Rocky Point?

Is it Safe to go to Rocky Point?

Well it is that time of the year when US State Department sends out its warning about not going to Mexico!!  I say really?  I have been coming to Mexico by myself for over 25 years and have never once had an issue driving alone.  They say don’t drive at night, well let me tell you, we don’t drive at night in the US as there are to many crazies out there. We love our tourists and make certain you are comfortable and feel at home in our hometown.  For those of you familiar with motorhomes, over the years we have had large caravans of Prevost motorhomes ($1/2 million an up). They would not come here if it was not safe.  You must buy Mexican auto insurance and this can be done online or when you pass through Ajo, AZ.  Please get full coverage unless your  vehicle is a clunker, then you can insure only your drivers license.  My adage is you get what you pay for.  When we have to go to Phoenix for anything,  I dread it.

Sailing Boat in Rocky Point, Mexico

Come to Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico aka Rocky Point.  We are an hour drive from the US border and the road is a good road with nice wide shoulders and the Green Angels patrol it regularly to see if anyone has a car issue.

Our pristine  beaches are not covered with sea weed and you can walk for along time without running into a soul.

Sunset in Rocky Point
Photo by @cokiegritus @RyleeDallaire

Go picking up shells or sand dollars. Our sunsets are stunning!

Malecon in Rocky Point
Photo by Oscar Monroy Avila

Come and go Whale watching.
Remember we are a small fishing town and we would love to show you our town.  Here, people look at you and say hello.  From the man that sells papers on the corner who waves at us every day to the people in Sam’s Club and yes to our neighbors.  Someone recently asked me “why would you want to move here”.  My reply is simple.. the PEOPLE,  the calm Caribbean Blue water, the sunsets, the history and culture just to name a few.  We have fresh fish and shrimp daily and not flown in once a week.  Great restaurants abound as well as the simple Sonoran Hot Dog stands and Taco stands.  Everything.. always fresh.. always clean and ohhhhhhhhhhhh so good.  Life moves slower here, so if you are in a hurry, perhaps we might not be for you.  People here don’t seem to have anxiety or heart attacks as our pace is different.
Bluer Marlin Restaurant
Blue Marlin Restaurant

If you are coming for “Spring Break” or perhaps you are a parent thinking about allowing your young person to come here with their friends, PLEASE tell them one thing and that is BE RESPECTFUL to the local people and don’t leave your brains at the border.  If they follow this rule, they can have a wonderful time and never have trouble.  We taught our grand children this rule from little on and it has paid off.  It is like the US, the people here don’t respect the people with a foul mouth or pants around their ankles or going half naked down the road in and open vehicle.
Jetski riding in Rocky Point

Be it an adult or young person, YOU are a GUEST in someone’s city and country, do as you would in the US.
Come and have fun and we will look forward to meeting you and make sure you are having a great time here.  Remember be safe, drive safe and not drunk and the Mexico life will be fun for you.
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and see Mexico like we see it.
As we say Hasta Pronto or See You Soon.
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