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Come To Puerto Peñasco for Thanksgiving

Come To Puerto Peñasco for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Rocky Point
Would you like to have your Thanksgiving sitting on the beach by the Sea of Cortez?   Well there is still some time to get a condo.  Check out to see what rooms and resorts are still available.  While you are on their website, check out our blogs and like. This is the best time of the year to come, warm days and cooler evenings and great sunsets..  If you rent a condo, you can cook your own dinner and enjoy the views while you are preparing your feast.  If you don’t want to cook dinner, there is also the option of going to Latitude 31 or Playa Bonita or any of the other restaurants that do a bountiful feast without all the cooking and clean up.
Latitude 31 Thanksgiving Dinner

You are allowed this year to bring down 1 Turkey with you.  I would suggest that you bring your boxes of stuffing mix with you and anything else that you think you may not be able to find here like canned pumpkin (if you are like me and want to make it yourself).  You may want to buy an aluminum roasting pan that is disposable as sometime they have them and sometime not.   It is not necessary to bring a lot down for your Thanksgiving dinner (unlike years ago) as almost everything can be found here.  We have the freshest fruits and vegetables anywhere, so no need to haul stuff.  Crucero Liquor Store has a nice selection of wine and tequila and there is always Sam’s Club.  Seek out those little out of the way bakeries for the best dinner rolls and pastries. LEY’s and C&S have whipping cream and butter.

When we first started doing our Thanksgiving Day here, we had a 35′ 5th wheel and it is amazing what you can create in a small place.  We us to have 30 people for dinner and we always lucked out with wonderful weather.  1 turkey in the oven and  1 on the Weber and 1 in the deep fryer.  I always made my pies using fresh pumpkin  from scratch as well as berry pies.  I could start ahead of time and have all the prep work done.  Then on Thanksgiving morning I could do the stuffing, vegetable dish and fruit salads. Bill wo0uld prepare the turkeys with fresh herbs and butter tucked under the skin and he bastes them in Kahlua.  One year I forgot to bring a rolling pin for the pie crusts so using my Mexican ingenuity, I hauled out a wine bottle.  After the crust were rolled, I then opened the wine and enjoyed how smart I was.  When we entertain, we usually just want to have out guests relax and enjoy and if the want to bring anything, we have them bring wine or whatever they would like to imbibe in.  Makes for a fun weekend.

A great deal of Thanksgiving Day traditions start here in Rocky Point. One group of 8 RV’s come from Tucson and Green Valley and set up camp at Playa Bonita, the night before they dig a huge pit along the cement sea wall and line it with metal, wood and charcoal and then Thanksgiving the add the turkeys and roasts into the pit.  Everyone brings a dish to pass and it has become their Thanksgiving tradition.

Off Road Race in puerto Penasco

These days we have gotten dinner down to 4-6 maximum.  Still have the same procedures, but one couple always is in charge of the wonderful home made ice cream.  My husband gets upset as I have had the bad habit of getting the biggest turkey I can find like over 25 lbs.  Let’s just say “I love left overs”.  This year he bought me a real pop over pan so now I am mastering pop overs with our dinner instead of dinner rolls.  This year we are down to 1 turkey and are going to try our hand at smoking it.  He does not like pumpkin pie, so I am also making one  along with a German Chocolate-Pecan Pie and a berry pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, popovers and a fruit salad.  Have I gotten you excited about coming here for Thanksgiving?  I hope so!

 If you like your stuffing with oysters, you are in luck here in Puerto Peñasco  as they don’t come any fresher.  Another nice addition to your tradition is to make fresh  from the Sea of Cortez  shrimp, that can be served cold or as a side dish.  As the owner of The Blue Marlin always says “Our shrimp slept in the ocean last night.”   While you are at it add steamed clams as an appetizer.  If you do have some left-overs, just heat and add  them to some freshly made tortillas that are available 1 block north of LEY’s on the right hand corner in a little white house.  Life does not get any better than days spent in Mexico celebrating with family and friends.

While you are sitting on the beach, do check out what the beach vendors have for sale.  On Thanksgiving weekend there will be the annual Art Festival in Las Conchas and events going on all over town. Great time and place to do your Christmas shopping.  Getting tired of turkey? Check out some of wonderful Taco stands or great restaurants we have in Puerto Peñasco Mexico.  Go down to the Malecon (Old Port) and stop in some of the local watering holes like Boo Bar, Satisified Frog or Mr. Amigos.

Chili Cook Off in Rocky Point
November 28, 12:00pm

Please watch our blogs for upcoming events and we will be doing Q & A videos near the end of the  month, so send me those emails and I will answer your questions. Have any pictures of your traditions here, please send them to me as well.  Remember keep those LIKES coming.

We hope you come and join us and have a wonderful Thanksgiving week or weekend.  Remember drive slowly when coming through Sonoyta (25 mph) and  hopefully our new overpass north of town at the intersection with the Mayan Highway will be open to traffic.