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Day of the Dead in Mexico

Day of the Dead in Mexico

Día de Muertos

October has been a very busy month here in Puerto Peñasco. We have many beach functions as well as this weekend is known as Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead. Although this may sound like a somber event, it is everything but!

Dia de Muertos Festivities

It starts on Friday, October 30th, with a celebration at the Cholla Bay Road Mall (aka Shacks 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive). The party starts at 5 pm both days and I would encourage you, if you are in town to bring your camera, as there will be “altars” built in tribute to the dead. Day of the Dead was declared a World Heritage Event by UNESCO in 2003 but was inscribed in 2008 on the Representative list of the Intangible Culture Heritage of Humanity in 2003. In short it is the Indigenous Festival dedicated to the dead. In Mexico, this is huge celebration to the people that have passed over to the other side.

day of the dead skull chocolate

It starts on the night of October 31st with the cleaning of the graves at the cemetery. The grave stones are swept and cleaned and decorated with flowers and prepared for the celebration on November 2nd. On the night of November 1st , the family and friends gather, with food and drinks to celebrate. Most times, the food and drink is what the dead loved, so it can be Tequila, beer or whatever. It is a party at the cemetery. When you go to local businesses, you will find “altars” or shrines built in tribute to the dead. One of my favorites is Playa Bonita in tribute to Sr. Palacio. It will be located in the lobby.

Day of the Dead in Puerto Penasco

There are flower trucks set up by the cemeteries to buy the flowers and that in itself I so pretty to see. It always reminds of the South of Mexico where flowers are everywhere. Buy a bunch, they are only $50 pesos!
On November 1st it is the Day of the Innocent, which is also known as All Saints Day or Day of the Little Angels (children). Please if you have time, taken in these cultural events here and you will not regret the time spent.

Day of the Dead Shrine

Along with this tradition, now the Mexican children had adopted an American tradition of Halloween. If you are in an RV park here in Puerto Peñasco.. BE PREPARED.. as they will come in droves and you will hear “Tricky Tricky”. They are accompanied by adults which is good as these little munchkins can spot candy a mile away, so please drive carefully as many of them dress in dark colors.

There are many adult parties going on this weekend, so look over the fliers below and go to a couple.

Day of the Dead shrines and Altar
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