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October Activities in Rocky Point

October Activities in Rocky Point

October Is A Busy Month

As September comes to end we just celebrated Mexican Independence Day on September 16th with the new Mayor Ernesto “Kiko” Munro being installed into office. This is one of the younger mayor’s I can remember in recent times, so hopefully it will bring new fresh ideas to Puerto Peñasco. Year’s ago I was at Immigration doing my annual renewal and of course I had all my papers in order, except they threw in a new wrinkle and that was I needed to have two Mexican Nationals to vouch for me. Just as I was about to head out the door, in came Kiko and his dad Ernesto (who I had known for a few years at that time)and I broke into my “happy dance” and they helped out this damsel in distress and vouched for me.
This is the first year in forever that the humidity has blown out on September 15th and we have had the house open a good portion of the day, so our fur babies Tucker and Frida are happy campers as they lay on the balconies and take in the fresh air. Hopefully “fall is here to stay” in Puerto Peñasco.

Pangas in el Golfo Mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

When October arrives it is a fun packed month. October 24th- 25th marks the 39th annual El Golfo run. This was started by Tom and Sandy O’Hare, who publish the Rocky Point Times. It is open to anyone with a 4 wheel drive vehicle. They pretty much run the beach all the way from just north of Puerto Peñasco to El Golfo aprx. 75 miles to the north. Although I have never had time to go, this group has a blast even though there is always someone who either breaks down or gets stuck. Here is a picture of the pangas that fish the Sea of Cortez in El Golfo. El Golfo is at the top of the Sea of Cortez and is a small quaint little fishing town with a couple of small RV parks and restaurants.
Fishing Pangas in el Golfo
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Next is the CEDO Annual Beach Clean-up. Although the city makes an effort to keep our beaches spotless, this CEDO event picks up a bunch of trash on the other beaches. CEDO is located in Las Conchas atop the hill where the full size whale has been re-assembled. If you have not yet gone, take the time to go out there. They have a gift shop that carries everything from shirts to books. Pick up a couple of the books there that have been written about our area and the Pinacate Biosphere and it is a great place to do your Christmas shopping.
Over the Line charity
Photo provided by Beverly Arrowood

Next comes the Over The Line (OTL) soft ball contest. This year the teams from San Diego are coming back and they are expecting over 30 teams. This event started in San Diego and the one there is huge. The event starts October 24th at 9 am on Sandy Beach to the left of the REEF and ends around 5:30 pm. On Sunday Baja Cantina provides a Mexican Brunch at 11 and this is where the awards are presented. This is a fun event for all and who knows, you may want put together your own team and bring them down. For more information please contact John Fowler at 602-840-1528 or email to . Again all proceeds go toe The Santa Claus Club.
Over the line Torunament winners
Photo provided by Beverly Arrowood

Over The Line Charitie Event
Photo provided by Beverly Arrowood

One more note on Cholla Bay events is that the are holding their Annual 1 Club Open this coming weekend at day break and will play 18 hols. All monies go to the Santa Claus Club
Boobar at OTL
Photo provided by Beverly Arrowood

October 24th is the 2nd Annual Grand Little Riders equine therapy fundraiser evening event at Rancho San Jose km76 north of Rocky Point. This event benefits the children with disabilities and teaches them confidence with the use of the horses. Raffle tickets are available for $50 pesos (aprx $3.25 USD) and the dinner tickets for the Mexican Fiesta Dinner are $100 pesos (aprx $6.50 USD). It goes from5 pm to 8 and tickets can be purchased at Kaffe Haus Restaurant, Latitude 31, RP360 or Papeleria el Estudiante (paper store). This is a great event and I have a feeling if after you have gone, you will want to be involved and volunteer with this group. There is no horse riding experience necessary, just a love for helping children.

Little Giants Equestrian Teraphy

Last but not least on October 31 is the Dirty Beach Mud Run on Sandy Beach. Please check out their website at .

Dirty Beach Mud Run 2015

I know I speak about charities a great deal, but that is something close to my heart. Last week I attended the ribbon cutting at CAM La Montana school. La Montana is a school for children with learning disabilities. The Toma Color fun run that was here in Puerto Peñasco this spring donated monies to redo the bathroom facilities for this school. Although this might not sound like a big deal to most people, it is to the students and families of these children that attend this school. I was amazed how many children are there. La Montana is one of the charities that the Bike Rally donates to also.

School for Special needs kids
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

School for kids with dissabilities
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

School for special need kids in Puerto Penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Also if you are staying in the RV parks Halloween night, you will have a huge presence of small children coming by and saying “Tricky Tricky”. If you didn’t bring candy with you, you can go to Lupita Candy store on Benito Juarez or Sam’s to buy large amounts as you will need them. Drive with caution that night if you are going out to any of the adult events, as these little guys can get away from their parents very quickly at the sight of candy. Also many of the adults wear dark clothing and are very hard to see at night.
Halloween in Mexico

Once again, I apologize for not knowing that the skydivers canceled but they did not tell those of us who wrote about them.
As always, thank you for following us and keep liking us. Remember Rocky Point is a safe fun place to spend your free time, so come on down.