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Sky Diving Returns to Puerto Peñasco

Sky Diving Returns to Puerto Peñasco

You can tell how long someone has been living here or has been coming here if you remember the Sky Divers that came for several years. They landed on Sandy Beach when there was nothing there. While it is hard to believe prior to the late ’90’s there were 2 things on Sandy Beach one being Playa Bonita and the other The Reef (which gave new meaning to a dive bar). Nothing but pristine soft sand and beach. As we all now know, that has changed big time.
Fast forward to weekend of September 25th – 27th. The Sky Divers will be back and they are coming all the way from Puerto Vallarta . Jamie Heesh and his group of tandem divers will their bringing their single engine Cessna 182 which holds 4 persons plus the pilot and a single engine Cessna 182 which holds 6 divers plus the pilot to Puerto Peñasco.

Sky Diving in Rocky Point
Provided by Beverly Arrowood

In an interview recently with Jamie, he explained that his 1st dive came as a result of a friend in 1994 while he was living in Southern California and the dive was out in Hemet, California. He did 3 dives on his first weekend. Jamie moved to Phoenix from So. Cali where he continued diving and then to Puerto Peñasco where he worked with the Mayan Group in sales and then later transferred to Puerto Vallarta with the Mayan. Through all these moves he has never forgotten that first dive and has never lost his love for Sky Diving in Mexico. While he has been working at the Mayan he still spends his free time doing tandem dives which land on the beach. Down south they land in either Nuevo Vallarta or near the Grand Venetian also in PV.
I was interested more in the landing, as I remembered my 1st hot air balloon ride in Phoenix, when the winds kicked up and we had to land at Deer Valley High School. The pilot told me he wanted me in the front of the basket and I said I don’t think so. My thought was if the basket tipped I would be dragging my face across the football field with the pilot and the other guy on top of me! Jamie explained how the tandem landing works and I could go for this. The main tandem diver lands on either their feet if it is windy or their butt in the soft sand if it is not and then the passenger is just there for the ride so to speak.
SkyDiving in Rocky Point
Provided by Beverly Arrowood

When I asked him about the dive itself, I could hear the excitement in his voice. He has taken people as young as six and as old as a lady who was 85+. Now I am thinking, I could do this. The fly time from Mar de Cortez Airport is about 20 minutes and goes to the altitude of 10,000′. The first 45 seconds is the free fall and the actual dive last between 5 -7 minutes on the chute.
At least compared to years ago, they can re-fuel at the airport here where in those years they had to fly over to TJ or Mexicalli and re-fuel. Of course they used much bigger planes as about 20 divers came out at one time. I just remember the first time I heard the plane and looked up and saw them all. It was awesome. In those days they did not advertise or have FaceBook or things of that nature. They came as a group and just had a heck of a good time in Puerto Peñasco.
With every thing that is happening in Puerto Peñasco this is just one more thing to bring people here. We can offer it all, World class fishing, golf along the Sea of Cortez, Bird Island tours and snorkel with the Sea Lions, para sailing, largest Motorcycle Rally this side of the border, motorized hang gliding, watching the Tiburon baseball games, Tequila, beer and wine festivals, art shows, combing the beach for sea shells, whale watching tours, sunset cruises, cruise ship departures(coming in the future) and now Sky Diving.
Check out their e-mail or call them at 01-044-322-105-0960. The cost for this is $235.00 per person. Bring a friend with you and it drops to $210.00 per person. Make your reservation as soon as possible as the already have 40 reservations booked. You will be shuttled out to the airport. Also if you don’t own a home or condo in Puerto Peñasco don’t forget to make those lodging reservations.
Sky Diving in Rocky Point Mexico
Provided by Beverly Arrowood

They will be doing their landings on Sandy Beach in front of the Princesa Condos and it sounds like a party is going to be happening. Food, vendors, beverages and more. Get there early and stake out your spot on the beach and wait for the fun to begin. Better yet, SIGN UP now so that you can see Puerto Peñasco from the air.
Let’s all get out and show this group some Rocky Point hospitality. Remember
what we say here “Welcome Home”.
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Skydiving in Rocky Point, MExico
Provided by Beverly Arrowood

We regret to say that we have to indefinitely cancel our plans for the Skydiving event in Rocky Point. After a trip to Mexico city we have found out the laws for plane permits are changing and no plane permits will be issued in Mexico until this is complete. There is no time frame for completion of what normally takes a week.
We did not take any deposits and will be notifying our clients as soon.
I would love to keep this page going, so please stay tuned!