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The Summer of 2015 in Mexico

The Summer of 2015 in Mexico

June started out exceptionally warm and then got warmer and then hot! Not that we are not complaining as it beats shoveling snow.
There are more and more events happening every summer the way it seems here in Puerto Penasco. We had a large delegation of Rotarian’s from Utah for there annual conference along with many of the clubs from Sonora. Our local Rotary Club is extremely active and has donated a lot to the city and families. They are involved in getting the Dialysis Center center up and running as well as giving glasses to children who need them.
There have been golf tournaments at all the courses and for those of us that love to golf, we don’t care how hot it is. All of our 3 golf course are in great shape and the grass they all use love the sun and heat.
We have had concerts of all sizes which is a huge draw for tourism and the city.

view from La Choya
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Speaking of the city, if you are from out of town and only come here once a year, watch out for the road and highway construction. The road you may have been able to make a left turn off of last year may not be the same this year. This is all for the good of the city and tourism. Be aware that there are a lot of people renting and attempting to drive 4 wheeler’s and Rhino’s and you never know what they will do. I recently had the chance to go with a friend to Competition Hill out near Cholla and there was dad, wife and 4 kids in a golf cart trying to do what we were doing. That will be an adventure that those children will never forget!!!
La Choya Competition Hill
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Thanks to our friends Al and Gayle Creamer for giving me the opportunity to take me to the top of Competition Hill. Some day I may try it with my JEEP Wrangler. It is spectacular view to the backside as well as seen in the middle photo.
Sea of Cortes on Competition Hill
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Just remember Life is a Journey.. Not a Destination. Rocky Point is the journey and the destination. We did see a couple of markers of people who did not make it off the hill. So if you are riding, take care and don’t be stupid.
Rhino at Competition Hill
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

We spent 2 weeks in Wausau, Wisconsin my home town and Manistique, Michigan where Bill celebrated his 50th Class Reunion. It is amazing how small towns can be so much alike, no matter what country you are in. Like Puerto Penasco where I was made to feel so at home having coffee every morning with a group of guys, who took me in and became my surrogate family, while we were building our home here. In small town America, people still look you in the eye as they pass and say “good morning” and give you directions when you are lost. Bill and I had not seen many of these people for 30 years and yet I was made to feel so much a part of them. Those of you who know me, know I am never a Wall Flower, so I fit in very well. I guess the planners of the reunion decided to out smart the police, so we all took a shuttle out to the Indian Lake Country Club… no tickets that way. At the Arrowood Family reunion I had never met any of Bill’s cousins and he had not seen most of the for 50 years. Upon arrival, I was greeted with welcome to the family…. just like my coffee story.
Cross at Competition Hill
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

While in Michigan, the town had a “Folk Festival” and we got to talking with 2 couples outside of the coffee shop. We asked to pet their Rottie “HURK” as we were having puppy withdrawls. After listen to us talk about Rocky Point, the one couple said, give us your contact info, as we want to come see that place you call home. So now we have at least 2 couples coming to see our city. You never know who you will bump into.

I would be remiss, if I did not touch on the cruise ship departure port. It appears to be moving right along. Those man made block are gigantic and in some cases only 2 can be taken at a time. We are all awaiting the announcement of the cruise line who will come here. When you are in town, drive out to the REEF and take a look for yourself. I don’t do dates for completion, because when I see a ship out there , I know it is done, but I think a year away. COME DOWN and SEE US.

Home Port Blocks
Photo by Beverly Arrowood