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Things To Know In Puerto Peñasco

Things To Know In Puerto Peñasco

If you did not see it, was mentioned in a write up in the Huffington Post last week. It was about people like me who live out of the USA.. it seems we are called “Digital Nomads”… so there, now I have a title. Writing the blogs is a great opportunity for me to show case the city and country that we live in and love. If you ever need to know anything about Puerto Peñasco, please email me and if I don’t have the answer, I will find it.

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This is a blog to let you know about 2 items that are very important to tourists as well as people living in Puerto Peñasco. Mexico will be holding their elections on Sunday June 7th. This is the case throughout Mexico. The are electing State and Federal Congressmen and women, Mayor and Governors. Puerto Peñasco will become “dry” from midnight June 6th to midnight June 7th. What that means is that no alcohol can be purchased. Stock up on Friday if you live here. Thus far the election candidates seem to be running a low key race. There have been a lot of small rallies in the neighborhoods and both here and Guaymas there were large rallies on the Malecon. I am sure next week there will be a lot of celebrations.

holding a jellyfish

The next thing to touch on as it nears July, the Jelly Fish will have arrived. There have been sightings of them already but July is usually when it peaks. If you have not seen the Jelly Fish here, they are usually smaller in size and a beautiful dark blue body with LONG tentacles and that is what stings you. It does not hurt to take ammonia to the beach as that will usually take the sting out. Many of the Jelly Fish wash up on shore, but don’t let that fool you..STAY AWAY. You will see them in other parts of Mexico’s beaches and Southern California, but they usually look like large white or opaque plates.

little girl holding a jellyfish

It depends on if we are in a La Niña or El Niño year ( that is where the water temperatures change dramatically)as to when they arrive in full force. To show you how the difference can be, several years ago, the beaches outside of the town were being covered with dead Pelicans. Scripps was called in from San Diego and it was determined it was due to the water change and when the birds dove there was not food at the level they were use to. It is amazing how the water temperature can change so many things

Pelican Rocky Point

Next we have Sting Rays. These are the flat with wing like bodies that make them float through the water. They can range in size from small extra large to filling up the back of a pick-up truck (I have seen this myself) out at La Pinta Beach. These are the most difficult things if you get hit. The barb that is their tail is what you will feel. Usually at low tides is when this will occur. Please when you are wading in the water shuffle your feet. They actually do not want to hurt you, but that barb is the mechanism that they use to protect themselves. So remember shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. If you do get hit by the rays, get to the Red Cross as soon as possible or if needed have the resort you might be staying to call them out to the resort. Those barbs are nothing to mess with.

Stingray in Puerto Penasco

June will be filled with many events, but we will cover them next time. Also watch for additions to our ever changing blog and news feed pages. We will be adding a lot of new things so keep watching and “liking” us ( Most of all remember we are a very safe port and place to vacation. Also remember “Mi Casa es su Casa”.