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Our Pets in Mexico

Our Pets in Mexico

I have covered a lot about our doctors and dentists here in Rocky Point, but have not really touched a great deal on our fur-ever family. Ever since Bill and I have been married we have always had Miniature Schnauzers, this is until we came to Mexico.

I was first introduced to German Shepherds from a friend named Augistine, as he felt I should have protection when I was here and when I was away to keep burglars out. Simba was a sweet heart and afraid of her own shadow. It took her about a week to figure out how she ended up with me! But as time went by she and I became inseparable, other than the fact she would not get in the truck. Hence getting her to vet for her shots was a problem. At that time Rocky Point had very few vets. Dr. ChoChow was kind enough to come out and give her the shots she needed and I thank him for that.

Rocky Point Pets in Mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

After her passing, we got Chaco from the Yuma Humane Society and what a treasure. He would go anywhere and loved the truck and our beach walks. By this time a few other vets had made their way here, but I am as fussy about my vet as I am about my family doctor.

Several years had gone by and I was introduced to Dr. Ataulfo Leon Felix and his wonderful and carrying staff. At first it was hard as he did not speak English, but his daughter Alex did the translating. I have never felt so confident with any veterinarian in the US as I did when we went there. Professional and spot on with treatment and cures. They also do grooming. You can reach them at 383-3344.

Dr. Felix is from Caborca and he formed Servicios Medicos Veterinarios Pet Hospital and Care Center. It is located on Blvd. Sonora about 2 blocks west of Josefa Domingues Blvd. (the short cut to Las Conchas). When our Chaco got so gravely ill, they kept him and hand fed him for a couple of nights. They were so caring and kind.

Back to my story, I recently found out that Dr Feliz along with 5 other Mexican doctors were invited to attend the Vet Symposium this past February in Montpellier, France along with 600 other doctors from 60 different countries. If that is not enough to make you confident in your choice, Dr. Adrian Resendiz received and invitation to attend the 40th WSAVA (Small Animal Veterinary Association)meeting in Bangkok, Thailand this coming May. When I first met Dr. Adrian, he seemed so young, but so smart. He has been taking care of our Frida and Tucker for over a year and a half. He is very gentle spoken and has a way of getting our wild and crazy kids to do what he wants and not what they want. We feel that Dr. Felix has chosen Dr. Adrian and the other veterinarian doing his internship there, because the are all have the same philosophy and and training. Their patients come first! By the way Dr. Adrian has learned English and does very well.

Pets in Mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Just to wrap up, when you get your cat or dogs shots there, they receive a passport with their picture on it, so it makes crossing back and forth very easy. I put the picture of each dog on one side of a piece of paper and on the other a copy of my drivers license and their shot record. I make several copies and when we come back to Puerto Penasco we just hand them a set.. we always get the stopped as Tucker always like to pop his head up just as we passing by the lady.

Make sure you pets are current on their shots and you’ll have no issues. I have only been asked once going to the US for their papers, so we carry them in the glove box just in case.

If you need to board you dog, they will do it as well as the Rocky Pet Hotel and Spa located just across the tracks on Sinaloa and to the left about 4 blocks and make a right. We who live here in Puerto Penasco are indeed blessed to have 2 professional places to take our 4 legged family to.

Come on down to Puerto Penasco Mexico and give you pets a treat… a beach walk. Remember now that is getting warm, take plenty of water on those walks.