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"El Malecon" in Rocky Point, Mexico

"El Malecon" in Rocky Point, Mexico

In Mexico, every beach city has a Malecon. This is a gathering place to watch the sunsets, have concerts, people watch or shop and eat. Here in Rocky Point, ours is no different. When we first started coming here, it was the place to go and buy those luscious Rocky Point Shrimp. It was small with a few shops to buy curios and a couple of places to get a cold beer and eat.

Puerto PEnasco Malecon
By Beverly Arrowood

Today our Malecon has grown up. The city renovated it a few years ago and put in level streets and sidewalks and created the Plaza de Governors. This plaza was dedicated to the governors on both sides of the borders at the Board of Governors meeting. So we had the governors of CA, AZ, NM and Texas and their counterparts from Baja, Sonora,, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas. It is a place for Cinco de Mayo and The Cervantino Festival along with many other concerts. There is nothing prettier than see the sunset behind the music and dancing. You can get a Thrifty Ice Cream cone and sit on the benches and watch the sunset also. Ah Rocky Point is sooooooooooo relaxing.

By Beverly Arrowood

There are now many places to eat and shop since the expansion. Some of our favorites are Sr. Amigo’s, Boo Bar, Satisifed Frog and the Blue Marlin. All of these serve fantastic food and drinks all with a Sea of Cortez view. Going shopping? There is Martin’s (the 3 story shops across from the Boo Bar. His shops have a vast array of items. Mercedes Rusticos as you are leaving the port is fabulous as is Galeria Ber Mar up behind the Catholic Church. Want to have the most delicious cup of Chiapas coffee? Puerto Viejo is the place to go and it is located next to the Blue Marlin. Here you can buy whole or ground beans that are so fresh. They also roast their own coffee and this is the only place in Rocky Point where this is done. I bought a ½ kilo the other morning and the aroma in the car was so lovely.

Cafe Puerto Viejo

Back to the restaurants. Mr. Amigo’s has been there probably the longest and serves great Mexican food, fresh seafood and a vast array of other shall we say other foods. Great drinks and right over the water. You will always find Mariachi’s ready to serenade you here as well.

Puerto Penasco Palms in the the malecon
By Beverly Arrowood

Half way down the street on the water side is the famous Boo Bar. Boo Bar is to the Malecon what JJ’s is to Cholla Bay… a place you have to go to. Here you will be greeted by Jose (the owner) and his great staff (who have all been with him for a long time). Again, you are right on the water. When you arrive, look around and you will realize he is a Chicago Bear fan. However there are some Green Bay Packer fans in this town, so we have our section as well. Jose, is friendly guy with a great smile and he and his wife have to of the most beautiful little girls you can find any where. Great food, drinks and service and music. Usually have a live band on the weekends.

Main Course
Combinacion Neptuno’s main course, shrimp and fish in various presentations

Go up the side street to the left at Beach Bum and you will find the Blue Marlin and be greeted by the owner Homero Ortega. You will always hear “welcome home” when you arrive. His whole family is from here, but he spent a lot of time in Ensenada Baja Norte. It was there that he learned the art of smoking Marlin and other fish. Now 15 years later The Blue Marlin is a wonderful gem of a restaurant. Have a Mexican combo or get the seafood platter for 2. There is actually enough for 3. His salsa’s are wonderful and when I put them on my fish tacos, it is a burst of flavor. Try his home made lemonade as well a cold cerveza or glass or bottle of wine.

The Satisfied Fron in the Rocky Point, Mexico
By Beverly Arrowood

At the far end of this board walk is the new kid in town The Satisfied Frog. The owners Ed and Maria Chillean brought their restaurant experience from the Horny Toad and Satisfied Frog in Cave Creek, AZ. A must to try is the Walter’s Brat pizza. YUMMY! On Sunday go indulge your self with their Fried Chicken dinner for $12, including mashed potatoes and the best ever cole slaw. This is a meal for 2. If you still have enough room, order the strawberry short cake. If you have a hankering for a fun beer, order a bottle of the Chili Beer. You will not be disappointed. Burgers are hugh and very fresh and the nacho platter is enough for 4. Get to the Malecon on Sunday afternoon early as it fills in around sunset time.

Bikes at the mAlecon Mexico
By Beverly Arrowood

Beach Bum is also a fun place to go and there are new places popping up all the time. There are many choices in the Old Port, but these are my picks.

I hope I have gotten you curious and your taste buds are jumping and saying, “Vamos a Rocky Point.”

Remember, we are a safe place to spend family time. Take time to enjoy this little gem of a town and remember we are but a 3 ½ hour drive from Phoenix with uncrowded and clean beaches.