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Rodeo Drive in Puerto Peñasco

Rodeo Drive in Puerto Peñasco

Rodeo Drive Rocky Point

Before I tell you More about “Rodeo Drive” I would like to mention that as you are driving around Rocky Point, you will see the Red Cross set up in the streets. They are asking for donations and this is how they are able to serve our city. Even though we live here, we stop at everyone and donate. PLEASE give them what ever you can as you never know if you may need them. This is their only means of getting funds to protect us in need.

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Now on to RODEO DRIVE or as many of you who have been coming here for years is also known as “Shack’s 5th Avenue”. Rodeo Drive use to be a dirt road of loose sand and people always getting stuck on busy weekends. There were no bathrooms nor restaurants, just curio shopping.

Rode Drive Mexico

Fast forward to 2015, welcome to the new “Rodeo Drive”. To find it, as you are coming into town on Benito Juarez, just south of Sam’s you will see a overhead green sign that reads La Choya and Mexican Rodeo Drive to the right. It starts just as you cross over the railroad tracks and goes on for about 6 blocks.

Cocina de Ramon

Yesterday I decided to go out and spend a little time speaking with the businesses there. First I spoke with Ramon at Mariachis and Tequila. Many of you might remember Ramon from the old Port deli, as I did. When Guy and Linda closed the restaurant, he opened Ramon’s in his home and later opened Ramon’s in the Sonoran SEA, which is still there. About a month ago, Ramon and his business partner David, opened Mariachis and Tequila. It is in the 3 story building on the right hand side. I wanted to find about their history. Ramon and his mom and dad and 8 other siblings move here over 30 years ago from Barra Christmas Navidad, Jalisco. In his early years he had already had a passion for cooking food. His family made a living selling fresh vegetables and tacos near the IMSS Social Security Hospital in town. Before he opened his own places, he also has had taco stands in town. He has held the title of “Iron Chef” here in Rocky Point which is well deserved. He has a focus on fresh food and gracious service. I encourage you to stop and try their “real” Mexican cooking. Mariachis and Tequila makes you feel like you are in the south of Mexico with the art and colorful décor.They are open 7 days a week from11-9. Best salsa in Rocky Point.

Mariachis y Tequila

David comes from Tuluca in the south of Mexico and was brought here as a child also. His family had been vendors on the beach for many years. David opened Kokopelli’s about 2 years ago and is just across the street from the restaurant. Some of the artwork in Mariachi and Tequila comes from Kokopelli. Beside the artwork, the leather chairs seats are made in a shop next door and oh so comfortable. If you are looking for some original art work, stop by after lunch. David had a desire to have a restaurant and so the 2 teamed up. After a month they have feel very confident they made the right decision to open there. In fall, they will open the 2nd floor for lighter fare.

Plaza Fabiola Puerto Penasco

My next stop,was Plaza Fabiola across the street. It is owned by John Hibbert and his wife Fabiola. It features stunning apparel for men and women from Mexico. They have several exclusive lines such as Dunes, Cecilia Nathal, Maria De Guadalajara and Abaca (which is the US is known as “Oh My Guaze”. They just received a great collection of leather hand bags which will be previewed this week. Rocky Point has much needed a wonderful boutique resort wear store and now we have one. I say they have exclusive lines, but that does not mean over the top high prices. If you are a guest in Puerto Peñasco, stop by and see what they have to offer. All if the garments are cotton and or cotton gauze. They everything that you can make elegant or casual … in other words dress it up or down. They also have a great selection of jewelry to compliment the apparel. They are tucked away in the open courtyard between Su Casa and Kokopelli’s.

Rodeo Drive in Rocky Point

Last but no least, is Su Casa. Chances are if you bought a condo on Sandy Beach, the well known Casa Bonita furnished it. After a brief hiatus, Joe and Barbara Iverson decided to open Su Casa. They feature everything from furniture to great Mexican art pieces. They have the ever popular Momma Cita’s in a fast aray of colors and 3 sizes. Also new to the store in a collection of blown glass wall pieces or they can be used on the table as well. On a side note, when we lived in Phoenix, Joe and Barbara lived 2 houses from us. It was easier to have block parties here in Rocky Point than Phoenix. You will see from the pictures, just some of the items they have. Su Casa also has jewelry and you can always find a nice little keep sake to haul home, where ever that may be.

Mariachis y Tequila Restuarant

I hope I have whetted you appetite and made you want to go shopping. You will not be disappointed in any of the stores there and you will also find Mexican curio’s up and down the street.

Restaurante ne Puerto Penasco

Viva Puerto Peñasco.

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Please remember, Puerto Peñasco is a safe place to drive to and visit.

Beverly Arrowood

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