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Medical Care in Mexico

Medical Care in Mexico

I am often asked about medical care in Mexico. Let me say it is probably the best I have had. What I love about it, is that I can call the doctor when I am sick and get in the same day and generally within a short time frame. Office visits are $300 pesos or so or about $22.00 USD. We have one of the best internal medicine doctors in Mexico, Dr. Jose Gonzales Gonzales here as well as any other specialist that one would need. In an emergency, and it is something that can not be taken care of here, you can be transported to the US border and picked up on the US side. The doctors offices are very up to date as is the hospital and if you need ex-rays or similar test they are modern also. Again prices are reasonable by US standards. I will confirm, but I am told that the Sandy Beach Emergency Center also takes VA insurance, but I have not been able to confirm with Dr. Gonzales.
Our dentists are some of the best, very well trained and reasonable. I can truly say I actually like to go to Dr. Yamamoto for dental work as his off office is so relaxing. He does not rush things and makes certain everything is healed before he goes on to the next step. Many people come here just for dental work.


Pharmacies abound through out town and all have reasonable prices, but our favorite is Santiago’s on Benito Juarez. If he does not have it in stock, you can usually get it the next day. Very good prices and English spoken very well. He always has a smile for you.
Many of our friends also get their vision checks, frames and lenses here at Botica Lux, again English spoken and very good prices and great service. Name brand frames as well as contacts. Next time you are here stop in to see them. I always carry my eye glass prescription with me as you never know if you might break something.
Please come down and check us out for all of your medical needs.

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