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Spring Activities in Rocky Point, Mexico

Spring Activities in Rocky Point, Mexico

As I mentioned here in Puerto Penasco, we have a great deal of events taking place in Spring. This weekend we just finished the Sandstorm 300 which is put on by Desert Racers and brought in many off road racers. The start in town and race through the desert and come back in north of the city. It is very much a family event and brings excitement to town.

Off Road Racing in Rocky Point

The Red Cross also received a new ambulance thanks to the efforts of the Rotary Club of Puerto Penasco. The keys were presents last week by Oscar Palacio. We have several civic groups here in town such as the Masonic Lodge, Lions, American Legion and Rotary. Each one brings a great deal of good to the city. Thanks to one lodge we are now in the process of finishing our dialysis center. I will touch on them more after I see what all the need.
Through March, Whale watching will continue and you can go out and get up close with Del Mar Charters, Eco Fun, Intrepid, The Pirate Ship or About Time. You have a large choice of different size boats to choose from. These boats also do Sunset Cruises. Looking to go fishing, there also several choices, just check around the harbor.
CEDO (Center for the Study of Deserts and Ocean) is offering kayaking tours in Estuary Morua March 7th and April 4th. They will also be doing Dunes Tours April 3rd and Tide Pool tours April 5th. Both of these are geared for people of all ages. The little ones really enjoy the Tide Pool adventures. Visit there gift shop and learn more about what CEDO does and take time to visit the re-constructed whale on the property.
There are on going horseshoe and dart tournaments at many of the local bars/restaurants.
Chef Mickey Medina from Chef Mickey’s offer cooking classes, so check his website to find out the dates. This is a great way to learn about Mexican cuisine. Last but not least please come visit the Mermaid Market located at Shrimp Park March 7th, 21st and April 4th. This market features local artists, jewelry makers, candle and candy makers, apparel makers and photography of the area. Everything is locally made and all reasonably priced. Stop by and say hi. This year they will doing a Pirate Themed market in April. See the creations by Naomi Black, Judy Ridgeway and Tony Balesterros just to name a few.

Pirate & Mermaid's Extravaganza

Spring breaks starts March 7 and we will have college and families for ASU, U of A and NAU coming to town.

March 7th and 8th will bring the Expo Car Show at the Convention Center. People here cherish the antique vehicles and you should be treated to see quite a few. This will bring cars from all over. In March we also have the OTL Over The Line softball tourney at the Reef. I have attended this here and San Diego and it a ton of fun to play in and watch. Each team has wild and crazy names and they put on a great show. We also have the Annual Rocky Point Triathlon April 24 and April 12th we will host the Toma Color 5k and 10k. Register at Puerto Viejo before March 15th .Las Palomas Triatlon

That’s it for this time and remember Rocky Point is a very safe place to come to. See you soon.
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