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Why We Live In Mexico

Why We Live In Mexico

Let me start by saying, we live here because of the small town feel here in Puerto Penasco. The cost of living for the most part is much less than the USA. Just 2 examples, a week ago we took our German Shepherd Tucker to the vet.. cost including office visit and 3 meds for 7 days. $650 pesos or about $50 USD. Great caring vet in an office like the US. This week I took him to the vet in Phoenix… cost $148.00 USD. Office call was only $48.00 but the meds made up the balance. No wonder people buy meds in Mexico. I have had the vet in the US forever and love him. We have the vet here for 3 years and feel the same about them.
Today we went grocery shopping. A wonderful old fashioned butcher shop where the butcher actually breaks down the cow, we bought filets for 2 dinners, 1 kilo of fresh ground hamburger and a kilo roast beef, total cost for a total of about $34.00. Our next adventure was buying FRESH picked Asparagus, 2 big bunches for $2.50. Then off to the produce market (where we ran into old friends from Phoenix, that our daughters went to school together). We bought enough vegetables for a week for about $5.00 and it is all fresh.

Shrimp in Rocky Point Mexico
by Beverly Arrowood

We feel very safe from crime unlike other places. Young people always say “I got thrown in jail there and my response is “What did you do wrong?” Then they tell their sad story but then realize it would have much worse in the US. Our saying here is “Don’t leave your brains at the border” We will be using this statement a great deal in the next few weeks as “Spring Break starts and we get young people from CO., N.M., Utah, CA, TX, NV and a few other states. For the most part these kids are having a very good time and not causing any real issues.
Horses at the Beach Mexico
by Beverly Arrowood

Spring is filled with concerts, off road racing, golf tournaments, fishing tournaments and more. I often tell people if you can’t find something to do, it is your own fault. Although the water is still a bit cool, you can still go wading, ride the banana boats, rent a jet ski or Rhino’s, do Sunset Cruises, or go looking for shells.
Malecon at Puerto Penasco
by Beverly Arrowood

You have a choice of many great seafood restaurants here in town and there are a few gourmet restaurants as well. Have dinner overlooking the Sea of Cortez or visit a tiny hole in the wall, you will not be disappointed. Many of our places have been in business for years and have been passed down through the families.
The whales are still here, so do take a boat to get up close and personal with them. By all means do not leave your camera at home. With spring also comes the desert floral and don’t miss taking pictures of any of it.
I look forward to seeing many of you soon.