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Mountain Biking in Rocky Point, Mexico

Mountain Biking in Rocky Point, Mexico

In the last few months, we have seen in Rocky Point many cycling clubs, either family oriented or mountain bike clubs.  We have had many activities that promote cycling as a fun or fitness activity to get physically or mentally healthier.  This has been very well accepted among locals and we have people from Rocky Point competing at other cities.

Mountain Bike Puerto Penasco

Here in Rocky Point we do not have a route or bike lane in specific for people on bikes, but most of them take the Malecon or the Mirador Area as such.  At “El Pinacate” Area there is a cycling route for mountain biking located at the entrance of the biological station on the 51 kilometer of the Federal highway (Road to Sonoyta).  The cycling route is located where the Batamote Mountain is and crosses the Sonoyta River coming out from de Information Center.  It has a length of 16 kilometers (10 miles) in a circuit form.
And even when it is that short of a distance it is considered a hard circuit because of the variety of land and its hills.  The cost per person per day is 56 pesos (about 5 dollars) and you can enjoy all of the protected areas, the price for residents is 28 pesos (about 2.50 dollars).  They are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m every day of the year.

El Pinacate Mountain Biking

To learn more about this activity we contacted someone that on the past months has been very involved in this sport, her name is Rita Borboa. Here’s the interview:
Rita how long have you been practicing cycling?
-It will be two years in October since I started on mountain bike and about a year and a half on route bike.
How many competitions have you been in?
-About 10 competitions and a few rides.
What kind of routine do you have as training?
-I have no special routine, if it is going to be a route race we trained on route bike 3 or 4 times a week f it is going to be mountain bike race I trained on mountain bike, the time and distance of training I decided myself and depends on my mood and the strength that I have at the moment.
What satisfactions have you find practicing this sport?
It is a beautiful sport and most important that it is great to get away from the daily routine of work and it gives you health and welfare, and we have the opportunity to be with many Friends.
What kind of advise would you give to the people who want to start on this sport?
The first advice is to always follow safety rules, wear helmet, gloves and glasses is essential, you have no idea! The risks that we could have if we don’t follow these rules, wearing a helmet will save your life. Also you don’t need to have to have an extreme physical condition to start because you will be getting it little by little and with the effort that we put into it you can take it further, is a very beautiful sport.  Here in Rocky Point there are some bike teams were are in the Astilleros Cabrales team.

Mountain Biking in Rocky Point

As you can see anybody can start practicing this sport and also begin with their own club, we would like to invite you to practice this sport and of course don’t forget to follow all the safety rules that you will need.