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Amethyst Wellness & Spa opened its doors in Puerto Peñasco

Amethyst Wellness & Spa opened its doors in Puerto Peñasco

By Nina Mier
Translated by Paty Gracida
The health businesswoman, Ms. Mayra Luz Gracida Valdepeña, opened the last Tuesday, April 29 the doors of the house Amethyst Wellness & Spa, a whole idea behind on integrated concept of welfare, health and why not, beauty, in every sense, emphasizing that the most important is to feel good, balanced with life itself.
I know to Mayra Gracida from three decades ago , in the process of her life, apart from enriching it with very intense personal experiences, she has studied abundantly about many topics, like the investigating from the human mind by means of the psychology, as well as attending to the prescripts of diverse religions, devotions and spiritual educations of masters, adding her knowledge the art´s appreciation , acquiring degrees , diplomas ; overcoming barriers and helping to overcome obstacles .
So, she had another Spa that was called Nuevo Temazcal Spa located at the entrance to the colony “El Puerto”, where she already had conditioning always with the latest trends and the newest aesthetic equipment; later, she started a metaphysical study group to create a comprehensive system of health. Now, the word “wellness” that appears on her new design is in order to go first in pursuit of health, balance, resulting beauty, helped of course for everything that involves the traditional SPA and its traditional treatments combined with innovations.

Amatista Wellness Spa

“Amethyst,” says Mayra, “is a stone that represents the color of transformation, always toward the good, always upward and always forward”… and shared it in a speech offered in a toast on Monday, 28 around nine in the evening, surrounded by her friends, part of her family and her pushing power who brings to life all her dreams (This meeting was enlivened with live music the musician Richard Scott, the buffet by Aleida Grijalva, from whom soon I will write about her).
Were more than three months that she worked in every detail of the new home, located on the street Alejandro Sobarzo No. 254, Colony Lakes and rivers (Sports Unit). Of course, the House was adapted to provide welfare, it is decorated with Amethyst and violet colors in different shades.
The hours are from 9 am to 7 pm , there are many services packages available make an appointment for a general diagnosis, the most important is that Mayra Gracida can listen, understand , tolerate , support and provide solutions ; she has faith in her hands , you can believe in her words and she practice compassion and generosity; all this makes any client – that she called ” friend or friends ” makes everyone feel good in the first instance.
After the diagnosis it is advanced : relaxing and therapeutic massages , Radio Frequency, corporal modeling , Photorejuvenation , Facial , Face Lifting schock , pedicure, manicure, reductive treatments ….
In one of their creams we find: ” The Personalized Beauty Program Intensive multi – functional . It promotes the effects of the habitual cream . It covers the most important needs of the skin: hydration, protection, regeneration , Nutritional and firming . ”

Amatista Wellness & SPA

In the Services Packages , we found three that stand out: Body Modeling ( 12 sessions) , Facial ( 6 sessions) Relax Spa (3 hours) ; but you will certainly find what you need or you are looking for, also you can make use of a basic gym, nutritious food and smoothies with special proteins by ” Aleida sazonerías ” , this service is in the morning , you can have breakfast in the garden (from 7:00 a.m. to 13:00 ) accompanied by music with worthy chords for your soul.
” Everyone have a drink to say ‘cheers’? ” Said Mayra before to raise his glass with “sangría” to the air to drink . She finished his brief speech saying: ” thank you very much , I love very muchh all of them.”
Phone for appointments is a local number, I will write the area code for if anyone anywhere else in the world wants to come to Puerto Penasco to receive health, wellness and beauty in ” Amethyst Wellness & Spa ” put your appointment, Mayra Gracida speaks English perfectly so the health tourism is welcome too : (638) 383 4947, the Facebook page: Amethyst Wellness & Spa
Ms. Mayra Luz Gracida Valdepeña , Owner Amethyst Wellness & Spa. SPA Manager certified by ALS . Cosmiatra supported by UNAM and SEP . Facialist and Masofilaxia by UTBE . Member of ISPA and the Association . Latinoamericana de Spa. Certification M; these are their latest certifications as Cosmiatra.
Always, to put our welfare in the hands of specialists is a risk, because it´s through the body, mind, spirit, in addition to the soul when faith is implied , that is why you should look for the best option, we recommend ” Amethyst Wellness & Spa ” you could to visit the place, perceive the vibrations, speak and hear in search of options looking for the right treatment ; there are many ways to heal, to beautifying from the inside , everyone , like caterpillars are at different stages , sometimes we spend more time in one section because we have to keep on working a part that does not recover heal in order to progress to the next stage , each who has his “timer” (time) , each person we are a world apart within a universe .
Definitely ” Amethyst ” is here to help, to take care of you, to steer you , so that you can also to give the best part of you and move forward together in community. Lic. Mayra Gracida Valdepeña, is that, a human being who has designed a space full of love, of the art of the life, of the support of the advances in the cosmetology , the feeding, in order to which you achieve your well-being(comfort). Are you thinking about how to feel better? Here a proposal. Aché!
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