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Sonoran cuisine and seafood, a fusion with Bacanora

Sonoran cuisine and seafood, a fusion with Bacanora

Written by Nina Mier
Translated by Eddie Wharez
A few days ago, Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora & Bar, a very sui géneris restaurant opened its doors to the public. Bacanora is the base for all the dishes prepared at the restaurant. Bacanora is a 300 year-old artisan agave-derived liquor originally distilled in the Sonoran side of the Sierra Madre.
The menu in this first opening season is typically Sonoran, prevailing beef, seafood and soups from different parts of the state, flour tortillas, exclusive drinks, original desserts among other dishes worth of your tasting, excellent service, awesome views, enthusiastic people, warm atmosphere, cleanliness, fair prices, where you will be personally served by the business partners Carmen Martens, Martín Martínez, Jorge Bonillas and Eddie Wharez along with their staff.
The dishes, named after our Sonoran jargon, have names like Del Norte (From the North) -Alambre norteño (Northern style beef fajitas, onions, peppers, all grilled, served over a skillet with hot layer of cheese on top), Del Rancho, Sonoran style arrachera, rib eye “El Elegante” (as the volcano in the Pinacate area), Chicken “Yaqui”, Molcajete de Bacanora, Parrillada Sonora Querida.

Bacanora Grill & Restaurant

From the Sea of Cortes: Old Port Shrimp ceviche, Shrimp or Octopus Cocktail, Shrimp or Octopus Molcajete, Catch of the day, Bacanora Shrimp, Breaded Shrimp, Traditional Seafood Enchiladas, Breaded fish filet, Peñasco seafood platter (for two).

Bacanora Grill Seafood

To begin: Sabor a México (platter served with quesadillas, sopes and burritos), Melted cheese, Shrimp or marlin-stuffed peppers, guacamole.

Bacanora Grill and BAr

Salads: Tomato and panela cheese salad, chicken caesar salad with their house Bacanora-chiltepin dressing.

Salad in Rocky Point Grill

Soups: Caldo de queso (potato and cheese soup), Classic soup, Tortilla soup, Chilpachole (seafood soup).

Soups in Bacanora Grill

Tacos: Governor taco (shrimp taco), Shrimp Lorenza (marlin or shrimp tostada with melted cheese)

Bacanora Grill Tostada

The dishes have been carefully chosen by the owners, well-known chefs in town helped in this process, one of them was Neftalí Ponce Hernández, executive chef at Mayan Palace, and chef Gustavo Gutiérrez who is in charge of the every day operations.
The restaurant is located in the marina area (docks), its ocean view and fresh breeze are just a plus; its fan page on facebook is: Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora y Bar. The address is Recinto Portuario Ave. and 3 street, Colonia El Puerto (Old Port Marina). Tel. for information and reservations is 638 690 7777. Business hours: 1 to 9 p.m. However feel free to make a reservation even in different hours for your special events.
There hasn’t been an official opening yet, it seems the owners are thinking of “5 de mayo” as the distributing company of bacanora might come for an official tasting, regardless of when they decide to do the opening, they will notify media members and special guests.
Bacanora Grill’s menu will be changing from time to time, in fact, there will be a buffet day of “tacos de guisado” tacos made with different Sonoran dishes, the buffet will be for a reasonable price so everybody can enjoy this Mexican delicacy. Be on the watch since this business is led by first level professionals, entrepreneurs, native and residents of Puerto Peñasco who in good and bad times are always supporting social, business and cultural causes, people who are always busy doing something.
From Blog we send them the best to them and their staff because we know about their professionalism, their amiable service towards the community and their large contribution to Puerto Peñasco in so many aspects. Success is assured. Always the best!
Marginal note: Attention! New restaurant! Their secret? The base for all their dishes and drinks is Bacanora! A delight! Something exotic and out-of-this world!
Personally served by their owners: Carmen Martens, Jorge Bonillas, Eddie Wharez and Martín Martínez. Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora y Bar… The best for today! Located in the Marina area, an spectacular view! In the heart of Puerto Peñasco, please come in.
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