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Wear your stains to the beach

Wear your stains to the beach

I live in Rocky Point and I would like you to read this article. Here I will be explaining some ideas on how to make your personal, homemade, and long lasting lip stain! These ideas are really cool because you can use them in the water when you come to the beach. They will last for a really long time on your kissers. The products you will use are almost 100% natural, and you can get them anywhere.beet
You just need five easy ingredients:

  • 1 Beet (as in the vegetable not the music one)
  • Red food coloring (it could be liquid or powder)
  • Glycerin
  • Purified Water
  • Red juice powderGlicerine

To make one of the lip stains you will need the beet and the glycerin. For this you will be using a grater. Grate as much off the beet as you want there are no exact amounts for this, if you want a little bit of lip stain just grate a little bit off the beat.  Now that you have your shreds of the bright red beet put them in a glass container and add some drops of glycerin mix it and its ready! Now the second lip stain is easier you will just add the food coloring whichever one you prefer, a little bit of glycerin and purified water in a glass container. Mix it up and listo! It is ready to wear.  The third one is really fast, easy and delicious. Grab a Q tip and soak it with water now dip it in the juice powder and put it on your lips.stians beach rocky point
To apply these use your fingers, but if you don’t want to you can use Q tips. The more amount of ingredient you use the stronger the color will be. You can put these in a container with lid to take them anywhere you’d like. If you have little girls that want to start wearing a light amount of lip color you can teach them how to do this natural lip color. You can use these stains as natural looking blush. Personally I love these ideas because you can rock the dazzling red color all day on the beach in and out of the water.Lip Stains in Rocky Point Mexico
I really hope you enjoyed reading and learning about these ways of making pretty red lip stain for when you visit the Rocky Point beaches. I myself tested these three types of lip color and trust me they are awesome. Don’t forget to put these in the fridge so they last longer.