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Programming the future in Rocky Point

Programming the future in Rocky Point

It is a fact that the era of technology is our present and the immediate future. We currently live in a globalized world that has made relationships between companies and businesses very simple that in a matter of seconds you can connect with people in the other side of the country. The world moves and we become more dependent on technology, the case where companies base their shift in technologies and are the macro enterprises. Speaking of giants like Google, Microsoft, Dell, Apple are companies that develop technologies, both software and hardware. Imagine the impact of what would be a day, a week or a month without access to or use of innovative technologies, we could be talking about a global chaos because we have automated the world to be dependent on technology. For a society to be competitive in the modern world it is inevitable for us to use modern science.

ITSPP rocky point

The beautiful community of Rocky Point in the recent years has been developing in the area of technology. Since the opening of the Higher Technological Institute of Rocky Point (ITSPP) the opportunity and concern to develop technologies for the promising tourist destination of Rocky Point has become awakened. Construction of tourism development, population growth, promoting Rocky Point abroad, companies that rent the properties, managing hotels and resorts, and many more things need to be helped with tools that technology has to offer. Rocky Point year by year has been consolidating in the national and international tourism as a paradise in the desert of Altar which undoubtedly offers a cozy and relaxing time for visitors. And just as Rocky Point is having a major impact on the tourism area is very important that the community is prepared to meet the needs that arise in tourism. If you are interested in technologies then what I ‘m about to tell you may interest you.
I am a student of the Technological University of Rocky Point (UTPP) acquiring knowledge in computer systems engineering. We are oriented towards programming and we realized that the new world we live in revolves around something someone’s programmed. Understanding how things work and describe them with a code that a machine can understand is just great. I’ve realize that we have come very far in the odyssey of man and technology. Rocky Point is preparing to form a generation and future generations with the ability to move forward and establish Rocky Point not only as a tourist destination but also as a city fully developed and prepared to face the new projects that are coming to the Port.
Miguel Jezoar González