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Family Activity: Visit La Ostionera

Family Activity: Visit La Ostionera

A real common activity you can enjoy with your family while you visit Rocky Point is a trip down to La Ostionera (the oyster farm).  The oyster farm consists of a natural farm where the oyster is fresh out of the sea.

Oyster farm in Rocky Point

Today this place is now visited by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists who like to appreciate the beautiful scenery but also all those who taste the flavor of fresh extracted oysters from the sea and sent straight to your table, plus rich tostadas de ceviche de sierra or cochito. Tostadas de ceviche consists of a fried corn tortilla served with delicious fish marinated in lemon and vegetables.

Just 7 miles from the city towards the road to Caborca ​​by the Las Conchas area you will find the access road to the oyster farm, which is in very good condition and that can be access by all types of vehicles, you just have to have precaution if you are driving a much smaller vehicle.  If you decide to drive down the coast be aware that the tide may rise at any given time of the day and completely filled up. It is safer to stay on the safe side and park your vehicle and walk while your oysters are served.

In this area there are three oyster farms, the most visited oyster farm which is comprised of approximately 16 members all women and family members.  On weekends they take turns to serve tourists and diners with their traditional dishes of the sea.Oysters in Rocky Point

If you want to taste some good oysters fresh from the sea don’t forget to visit La Ostionera de Puerto Peñasco.