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Activities for your trip to Rocky Point

Activities for your trip to Rocky Point

You have everything ready for your trip to Rocky Point but have no idea what you are going to do and worse yet it’s your first time coming here. Can you imagine what a horrible feeling? You have now started to worry and have no idea what to plan for your trip, you start panicking and then you realize the internet.  And you probably goggled “Activities in Rocky Point”, now you are overwhelmed, and are in complete blank on what your activities will be. Then you finally find something good, and it’s talking about tours, but what tours? Well I can help you with that, if you are looking for a great tour to go on you found the right article. Penasco Recreation in ROcky point

If you want to get to know a bit more about Rocky Point and get acquainted with the right place to be you know you have to take a tour on “The Russ Bus”, on the bus, Russ can fit a group of up to 14 people, and I am very sure you will enjoy the tours. He will take you to “Explore Peñasco” you will go all across town, all the way from Las Conchas to La Cholla Bay (famous beaches in Rocky Point you just have to go know).

Maybe you’re more of a nature and art person, and want to know a bit more about the culture. I will recommend the “Nature Art Tour”, in this tour you can go see the biosphere reserve of The Pinacate in the Grand Desert of Altar, which includes the Shuk Toak Visitor Center, the Elegante Crater, where you can go hiking, and if your just in luck get to see some wild life.

But wait a second, now what are you supposed to do in the afternoon! How about the “Lazy Afternoon Bar Crawl”, where you will be taken to 2 Mexican cantinas and Tequila tasting. So much drinking, making you a bit hungry? Well try the “No Reservations Foodie Tour” save some of your appetite, you will be stopping at 2 taco stands and an Ice Cream Shop, you in for some Sonoran Hot Dogs come take a bite (you can change it for a Taco Stand or the Ice Cream Shop)


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