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Rocky Point, music for your ears

Rocky Point, music for your ears

If you are reading this article it is because some way or another you’ve heard of the town of Rocky Point. Most likely you had the opportunity to spend a good time enjoying the beautiful and unique Rocky Point. It is not a surprise that Rocky Point is having an impressive tourist boom, becoming the main tourist destination for Mexican tourists and tourism mostly from the US. Visitors can identify with a welcoming city where people are more than used to receiving thousands of visitors every year. Rocky Point is quite unique, having periods where tourism comes mostly from the Mexican republic and other holiday seasons where you could say that the official language is English due to the streets of Rocky Point being populated with American tourist wanting to experience the warm and beautiful beaches that the Sea of Cortes has to offer, tasting the cuisine of the region, enjoying the most beautiful sunsets, and most importantly having fun listening and dancing to the best local music.
If we talk about music and the musical culture in the Port, one can conclude that Rocky Point is immersed in a musical and artistic atmosphere. From an early age children and young people take interest in learning how to play an instrument.  About 10 years ago Rocky Point lived for punk rock music and was extremely common to do the usual “Let’s hang out this weekend” to find yourself going to a show and having a great time listening to the local music scene. Rocky Point was then taken by an urban music movement where rappers would team up with producers and give life to a different music scene that identified what was happening in the streets of Rocky Point.

Rocky Point, Music,

Today, with the growth of tourism music has become the modus vivendi of many. This is because there is a constant flow of tourism told that want to have fun and have a great time. Musicians or bands have the demanding job of keeping the party going at places like clubs, bars, restaurants, parties, weddings, etc.  Versatile bands repertoire include classic Spanish rock bands such as Mana, Enanitos Verdes, or Jaguares.  Some musical sets might start with some reggae tunes alternating a Latin sound with classic songs by the legend Carlos Santana. And ending with a nice up beat blues making people want to dance, dance, and dance! You can’t end a night excluding English music where it is essential to play the tunes of legendary bands such as: Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Boston The Police and Journey, lastly don’t forget to request some modern style songs by bands like; Maroon 5, Daft Punk, John Mayer, or Bruno Mars.
The music scene in Rocky Point is extensive and includes different genres for different audiences. From Banda or Sinaloense, to Latin Jazz, and landing some classic rock in both Spanish and English. If you want to experience the diversity plan your next vacation in Puerto and get ready for a great time dancing, listening to music, and simply having fun.
Miguel Jezoar Gonzalez