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Perfect eyeliner for your next visit to a Rocky Point Beach

Perfect eyeliner for your next visit to a Rocky Point Beach

Eye liner makes your eyes stand out kind of like eye shadow. There are different sorts of eye liners to make several types of looks. There are liquid, gel, marker, pencil, or kohl eye liners. They are all great to draw on your eyes and have them attract attention. Oh and you can also use eye shadow as an eye liner!  I can explain how.
You can use a black or any other dark color you prefer of eye shadow and an angled brush. I personally prefer black because in my opinion it makes your eyes look more awake. Here in Rocky Point Mexico you can buy any color of eye shadows in a beauty store called Gloria’s that is located on one of the main streets which is Constitucion. The brand name of the eye shadows is BISSU and the cost is around $50.00 pesos(about $4 usd) each. To make a good looking deep delineation on the upper lash line you can moisten your angled brush with water and then sink it back in the eye shadow. For the bottom outer lash line you can use a neutral color like for example beige, brown, or caramel would look good. You can use either a matte or sparkling eye shadow for this. I think a dull color for the day time and a sparkling color for a fun night out would look awesome.

Eyeliner for the beach

                Another idea of an eye liner makeup that I tried and I loved is with a liquid and gel eye liner. You can use a black liquid eye liner, a golden color gel liner, and a pink fuchsia lip stick. You can get these cosmetics here in Rocky Point Mexico. The liquid eye liner you can also buy at Gloria’s beauty store the brand name is Italia this cost about $30.00 pesos(about $2.50 usd). I got the golden eye liner at the grocery store called Santa Fe. It sounds kind of weird, but here in Rocky Point you can find that kind of things.  There is like a little shop that you can find inside Santa Fe and you ask for the stuff you want to look at and buy. In this little shop you can find jewelry, hats, straightening irons, and of course makeup! The gel eye liner cost approximately $30.00 pesos. I got the pink lipstick in an AVON catalogue it cost around $50.00 pesos (about $4 usd), but there is a local beauty center here in Rocky Point that handles AVON cosmetics and you can probably grab one there. OK so now that you know where to buy everything you need here in Rocky Point here are the steps on how to apply the eye liners. Apply the liquid eye liner on the upper outer lash line going from thin to thick. You can settle the golden gel liner on the bottom exterior lash line, and apply the fuchsia lipstick.
This is an easy way to make your eyes stand out by just using liners. You can try these two looks with all the different types of eyeliners. These are some ideas that I personally use and recommend for younger girls like me. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you try it.