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Tequila Fest Rocky Point Mexico

Tequila Fest Rocky Point Mexico

Last Saturday, May 4th, Rocky Point hosted the second annual edition of Tequila Fest 2013, that without a doubt is and will continue to be a tradition for the community that will be necessary to preserve our Mexican traditions. During this celebration we see the folkloric dances along with the performances of the Mariachi, which are actually more common towards the middle of the country, but nonetheless they have been appreciated and enjoyed for 2 consecutive years in the natural amphitheater, Cerra de la Ballena, which is located at the entrance of Malecon Fundadores.

With an enriched artistic program the general public enjoyed the interpretations of the vernacular from the song that was song by a rising star, Perla Ross. And just like a native from the city, but that lives in the US, the spectacular Rosie Alejendra performed and was supported by the Mariachi Estrellas de Plata de Hermosillo. There were also dance groups, there were delicious local delicacies, shots of tequila and bacanora (a traditional drink from the state of Sonora), an art expose, projections of old Mexican films, all of these things drew a large turn out of tourists and residents alike.

In a brief interview with the actual president of Industria de Restaurantes y Alimentos Condimentados (CANIRAC) and with the main organizer of this event, Lic. Martin Martinez Gonzalez, we learned the following “The second Tequila Fest confirms the acceptance of cultural events that symbolize our Mexican tradition, Rocky Point is the perfect place to introduce international events not only because of it’s wonderful location, but because it’s community is composed of people from various regions of the country as well from other parts of the world.   For that reason we are appreciate when the tourists come from Arizona and Hermosillo to make a presence at this event.”

“The amphitheater, Cerro De La Ballena, is spectacular and continues to amaze even the returning guest, which is something that is very important to us and we should be in love. We should love our port and home, so we are able to love the tourist who comes to visit our home.”

“When the night falls and the mariachi’s start to play, you taste your first tequila and the rocks start to light up, all of the forces become valid.”  said the one of the central figures of this traditional Mexican event, the visionary Martin Martinez.

Originally Written by Nina Mier

Translated by Esteban Obregon
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