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Kayaking in Rocky Point

Kayaking in Rocky Point

Rocky Point is not only margaritas and sunsets with an ocean view, well… there is a lot of that, but there are many activities you can do in Rocky Point’s calm waters of this beautiful beach town. One popular activity we present to you today is Kayaking.
What is Kayaking? Kayaking is the use of a kayak to move across the sea, river or any water surface. A Kayak is very similar to a canoe with the difference in the sitting position a Kayak is where the paddler faces forward, legs in front using a double bladed paddle.

Kayaking in Rocky Point

Kayaking in Rocky Point is a very easy thing to do. You don’t need to be an expert, the convenient location of Rocky Point in the northern part of the state of Sonora, makes the water currents very calm and there are no big waves, thanks to the Baja Peninsula that blocks a big part of the Pacific Ocean making it great for this kind of activities and also for water skiing and other water sports.
There are several companies that rent Kayaks in town you can rent one from an hour or for a week whatever works with you. They can even deliver the Kayak to your resort of choice. Kayaking in Rocky Point is very safe and the experts will guide you through a safety course with all the information you need to know about the local sea, weather, tides and currents. Of course you also get a life jacket with the rent of your Kayak!

You can Kayak the coast of Rocky Point from la Choya to Sandy Beach or any route you choose, you can ask the experts any question about this and they will help you to adjust any detail to your liking. You can cruise around Rocky Point with your Kayak and even go fishing on it, most Kayaks have fishing pole holders.
You can use a Kayak to tour Rocky Point and  go Snorkeling, but if you rather have a guided experience, some companies also offer guided tours one of them is:
Contact they can take you to a guided tour like fishing to the local reefs, Estuary Tours, Sunset Tours, Snorkeling, sightseeing and family fun tours.
Prices Ranging for the tours from $11 to $35 USD.
For More information please Visit:
There is another company called you can contact them for more information about Kayaking they also offer: Scuba diving Courses, Snorkeling, Charters, Bird Island Diving Charters, Fishing Charters, Ultralight flights & Sunset Cruises
For More info about Sonoran Scuba:
PADI Dive & Activity Ctr.
Sonoran Sea Resort
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