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This Week’s Featured Local Business: Mermaid's Market

This Week’s Featured Local Business: Mermaid's Market

This Week’s Featured Local Business or like this time featured event is the Mermaid’s Market. This event takes place the first and third Saturday of every month. (even though Is taking a break on the hottest months this summer) The event is held at Plaza del Camaron (Shrimp Square/Park) on the corner of Benito Juarez (Main street) and Blvd Freemont(the one that goes to Las Conchas) in the heart of Rocky Point, Mexico.
The event was first created by Russ and Naomi Black from on November 2012, Mermaid’s Market is a place for American and Mexican local Artist to showcase and sell the arts & crafts that they produce. Mermaid’s Market also works along with DIF(Integral Family Development) donating a part of what they made to help mothers and local children that really need the help in our community.

Mermaid's Market Rocky Point
Mermaid’s Market

Next event is going to be the third Saturday of next month (May 18) from 10 am to 5pm
They are skipping the 1st Saturday of May there is a different event taking place on LaPlaza del Camaron (just a cross from the Town Hall) that weekend.

If you are an artist and you create clothing, gifts, crafts or any kind of art that you would like to showcase and be part of Mermaid’s Market please contact Russ and Naomi at:
or you can call: 388 5004 or 638 113 4591
There is a limited booth space available and dates maybe subject to change, so be sure to like their Facebook page to get all the updated dates, pictures, details and more information:
There is a $20 USD fee for the day, but you have to remember that this also goes to help DIF.
DIF gives quality attention to vulnerable families and also helps several foundations like the children’s shelter, the senior citizens home, social integration for the handicapped and Physical therapy for children and adults.