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Safer than Ever in your next trip to Rocky Point

Safer than Ever in your next trip to Rocky Point

If you are a beginner in the fun world of travel, or if you are an experienced traveler, you will agree with me that security during your vacation is something you cannot oversee, because you would be more prepared for any situation, the unforeseen take you by surprise and in these situations, you should always be prepared.
When traveling to another country by road very frequently arises confusion about the Insurance coverage you have, do not know if once across the border, the policies are valid, both to cover damage to the car, and for medical expenses serious accidents.
For the foreign tourists, it is of paramount importance to know the laws of Mexico in regards to “Coverage” as in most countries, different rules apply when purchasing car insurance.
Here are some Questions and Answers provided by
Do you really need Mexican Auto Insurance?

  1. Yes, insurance from a company in Mexico is required by the law for any kind of accident even if it’s not your fault.
  2. Insurance can help you to avoid Jail time and also helps to save a lot of money on financial costs after the accident.
  3. Insurance Policy has full coverage for any damage to your automobile even if it is total loss.

Insurance from a Mexican company is required by the law to prove responsibilities in case of any accident even if it’s not your fault.  As an American traveling through Mexico, the only way to do this is through an insurance policy from a Mexican company. Your normal American insurance doest no cover any accidents outside the United States, and does need meet the requirements by the Mexican Law.
Mexican Insurance Policy Frequent Asked Questions:
What does a Mexican auto insurance Policy can protect?
From the moment you arrive to Mexico, your American (or Canadian) Insurance cannot help you proving financial responsibility to the Mexican Law. There are some major American Insurance companies that can help you with the costs in case of an accident of your own automobile in Mexico but this is only usually 25 miles from the border and no more than that and they do no cover the damage done to third parties. If you happen to be on an accident Insurance from a Mexican company will show to the authorities that you are protected to pay any damages to other parties. Mexican Insurance also includes coverage to any damage to your car, theft, Hospital bills to the driver and passengers, Attorneys and any roadside help. Vandalism made to your car or stolen parts are also available in the policies.
What does liability-only policy means?
Liability-only policy will cover any damages you cause to other parties. Liability-only does not cover the damage or theft of your own car. Liability-only policies include medical payments for the passengers, legal assistance, and roadside help.  You also have to take in to account that most of Mexican Drivers do no have any Insurance. Purchasing Liability-only policy will not help with you to cover the damages done to your automobile by an uninsured vehicle.
What does full coverage policy means?
Full Coverage policy covers any damage or total theft of your vehicle. Purchasing a Full Coverage olicy includes a liability pto cover damages caused to other parties, Hospital bill for passengers of your car, legal assistance and roadside help. More benefits in the Full Coverage policy are Medical Aid, Medical References, Medical transportation (including air transportation) and tourist information.
Mexican Car Insurance covers any belongings inside my car?
What do I need to buy a Mexican Car Insurance?
The information needed to complete your policy is:
Driver’s Licence
Registration of your Automobile
American(or Canadian) Insurance Information
Lien holder information (if applicable)
For more information please talk to the experts over on to get a better and full explanation to all your questions.

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Purchasing an insurance policy is not an easy task, considering the many options available ​​for tourists traveling to Puerto Peñasco. You need a credible Insurance company that has plans available that will suit your coverage needs at competitive prices.
If you are planning a trip to Puerto Peñasco to spend the holidays, visit, on its website you can get an insurance quote for your car, they will also facilitate the purchase as they work with world-renowned companies such as HDI Seguros and ACE Insurance. Be prepared for anything that may spoil your vacation. You will not want to miss any of the sunny day’s beach that Puerto Peñasco for you.