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The Pet Effect

The Pet Effect

Pet Effect was founded in 2011 by Ariadna Zavala with an effort to create conscience in the community of Rocky Point Mexico about abandoned and abused pets. There is a big problem with the pet population and abuse in all of Mexico and Rocky Point is no different. Many dogs and cats are seen on the streets struggling to survive and are often badly abused by the locals even though the vast majority are friendly and lovable. It is heartbreaking to see these lovable innocent creatures treated like this when all they want is to survive and love whoever is willing to take them in.

Pet Shelter

So far we have established a shelter for dogs and have plans to expand so we can take in cats as well. With our pet adoption program we are dedicated to teaching locals the importance of being responsible pet owners and what it entails. All of the pets we rescue from the streets are spayed/neutered and receive the appropriate medical treatment they might need. We provide them with food and water and a comfortable living condition until the right person/family takes them in. With your help we can make a big difference and give these loving creatures the life that every pet deserves.
Things we need the most: Food, vets willing to help, collars, toys, volunteers, etc.
For more information you can call Ari @ 480-823-4341 or e-mail: