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Buying or Selling Real Estate

Buying or Selling Real Estate

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When buying or selling Real Estate in Mexico it is a lot  more complex than in the USA or Canada. ASSISTANCE IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED The purchaser or seller needs to rely on a person that has the knowledge is trust worthy and has earned the integrity over many years in the business. Many properties can be “clouded” with issues such as ownership of the property or who pays the Capitol Gaines at closing. As a seller your purchase at the time might not have been recorded properly therefore creating a possible higher than necessary Capitol Gaines for you the seller. Therefore it is necessary to involve a person that represents YOU and knows what to look for when selling or buying and can help to strategize on how to lower this capital gain. When purchasing property it is important to know what ownership structure is best how to take the title on the purchase based on your plans for the future so that you can obtain the best tax strategy when selling.

REMEMBER, Capitol Gains tax is based on the Peso when you purchased the property and the amount that is recorded in the city where you bought the property at the time of purchase. This amount is then subtracted from your sale price. When purchasing property it is also very important that your purchase price is properly recorded in the city at the correct rate of purchase in México. Real Estate buying or selling is complex but when you deal with a licensed person who has the experience and knowledge of the laws you can be confident that you transaction would be completed with complete protection to you the buyer or the seller if you are selling. is such a person and has over 17 years in assisting both buyers and sellers in these transactions. Bill Barvitski has earned the respect of the Real Estate community and can answer any questions that either the buyer or seller might have.

To receive any answer that your might have on either buying or selling Real Estate in Puerto Penasco, please contact Bill Barvitski at