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Pet Shelter in Rocky Point needs your help!

Pet Shelter in Rocky Point needs your help!

 EPA Shelter in Rocky Point
It is always nice to have company and an unconditional friend next to you that for better or worst will never ask for something in return but your love. There are many of these four legged friends in need of a home where to share their love, we will point you to a very special place that has been working rescuing these little buddies for the last 13 years in Puerto Peñasco: Albergue EPA Dog Shelter
Unfortunately, many people get a dog without thinking of the responsibility that means, they need care, feeding, attention and sometimes a lot of patience. When they realize the amount of work it means to have a pet, they decide to give them away, or just let them free on the streets. The problem is bigger because there’s no culture of spaying and nurturing our pets. This way, many unwanted pets end up living on the streets of Rocky Point where no one takes care of them.  
 There are very few places in Rocky Point that put all their efforts in rescuing these forgotten friends, Albergue EPA Dog shelter in one of them and is in a continuous struggle to feed all the nearly 60 dogs they have in the shelter right now.  

Since the moment the shelter was founded, all rescued animal have been fortunate enough to fall in good hands, these pets have been rescued, and now get the care of volunteers which are responsible for bathing, feeding, vaccinating and sterilizing them.

This shelter is in great need of your help to continue to support these defenseless animals. They need people like you who love dogs and have a big heart, you can help by giving a little of your time, which will be well rewarded for all the love they receive from these lovely pets. If you are interested to be part of this great community service be assured that you will be well received.

You can also help supporting the shelter donating money or simply food to provide for these little guys, at this moment this is one of their biggest struggles as they’re always short in dog food. Other items needed are cleaning supplies, cat litter, leashes, etc. Any donation will be greatly received.
If you’ve been thinking about getting a dog, we encourage you to visit the shelter and give an opportunity to one of these little guys instead of buying one, there are many of them waiting for a nice family to give their love to.

For more information on how to support the shelter please contact Graciela Gracida, she’s responsible for keeping this place running and a certified dog therapist: or email your comments or questions to, you can also leave your post. and remember… Don’t buy a pet, adopt one!