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Stand Up Paddle Boards in Rocky Point!

Stand Up Paddle Boards in Rocky Point!

We’re always looking for something to do, everything from outdoor activities to parties and cultural events, and really whatever there is, our purpose is to find all the fun stuff there is in Rocky Point for you to enjoy. We’ve shown you before that there’s a lot more to see in our beautiful seaside town than the world-class beaches, but today we’ll focus on an activity that will let you play on the waves of the warm waters of the Sea of Cortes.
A few days ago, while taking one of those walks on the beach that I love, something far out on the water caught my attention, they were a couple of people playing on the waves with what to me seemed like long sticks, as I got a little closer to them, I realized they were trying to balance in a long board similar to those used in the early ages of surfing, and what I thought were sticks, were paddles!. They were definitely having a lot of fun so I came close to find out more about their activity, when I asked it that was a Long board, all at once replied: it’s a STAND UP PADDLE BOARD!. I had read about those but never saw one up close here in Puerto Peñasco. Just watching them enjoying it so much increased my curiosity, so I went on to do some research and learn more about them.
The Stand Up Paddle board is a variant of the well-known surf practiced in the open ocean with big waves. Unlike this, the SUP for its acronym in English, is practiced by standing upright all the time maintaining the balance on the board and paddling at the same time to gain speed.

The origin of the sport is not very clear but it seems to be derived from its Polynesian roots but we’ve found similar ways of transportation in different cultures across the world. The Hawaiian translation is Ku Hoe He’e Nalu; to stand, to paddle, to surf, a wave. 
For the decade of the 60’s in the Hawaiian Islands is said to be a surf instructor began this mode to capture more spectacular photographs amid the waves of tourists who were learning to surf.
As a result, realized that the stand will allow them to be more alert and have better visibility as their vertical position let them see the surf before the surfers.
The best thing about the sport is that is not necessarily performed in the open sea, it can be practiced in pools, rivers, lakes or bays.
The SUP requires a lot of concentration to maintain balance. The benefits of this sport are clear because of the strong workout in your body, you really put all your muscles to work from your toes to your neck. Standing, flexing your legs, contracting your abs and pulling the paddle with your arms and back, it’s a complete workout!.
I always get excited when I find a really fun way to do a complete workout without hitting the gym, this is definitely one and if you combine it with the fact that it’s practiced on the beach, I’m in! 
Currently, the SUP is not yet well known and there are only few places where it is practiced. It has grown slowly but with a good pace in recent years in Mexican beaches so it has become more common to see people of all ages practicing this activity, especially young.
The most popular beaches for SUP right now are Cabo San Lucas in Baja, Puerto Escodido, Oaxaca, Sayulita, Nayarit, and Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Caribbean. 
When practicing this and any water sport is very important to take precautions and know how to choose a board that is more suited to your height. The boards can measure between 10 and 12 feet long and 30 inches wide, the paddle should be 12 to 15 inches taller than you.
The most important technique for the practice of SUP is that like the kayak, you must connect all your body to make it more efficient and minimize pain in the shoulders, it is important to rotate your torso when paddling, and with this action using your legs and abs to boost the paddle action. Once you’re standing on the board, your feet should be separated and keep in mind flexing your knees to stay balanced. And always remember safety first! ALWAYS use a life vest and strapping the board to your ankle.
SUP’s are now available for rent in Rocky Point and are here to stay as a new way of having fun on the water, we a dare you to practice it, leave your comment or ask send us an email for further information.