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First Skim Fest in Rocky Point 2012

First Skim Fest in Rocky Point 2012

With great enthusiasm Skim Festival 2012 took place for the first time in Rocky Point, being the fourth consecutive year that this sport was practiced among friends in the beautiful waves of the Playa Hermosa. In addition this new sport a festival was presented along with it.

Many people attended this festival at Playa Hermosa, taking advantage of the cloudy day. The heat of the day and the freshness of the water invited them to swim and practice this new sport in Mexico with motivation and devotion, which has been practiced by young adults from Rocky Point and the surrounding areas such as Cabroca, San Luis Rio Colorado, Ensenada and Mexicali.

From the distance we could hear the party at the beach that was entertained by Fito representing the original rhythm of Reggae-dub which is taking force at the state’s capital of Sonora.  We could also see families having a picnic, cooking their favorite meals and enjoying a peaceful time with their kids. Young adults were playing soccer on the shore of the beach, colorful skim tables everywhere, kids bulding sandcastles and people  swimming and going off the ramps.  Everyone had fun at this first Skim Festival in Rocky Point that was held on Saturday July 21st of 2012.
The local scene was presented by Estado de Agresion with their high impact rock that blew the audience.  After the fusion of two rock bands, Union Rasta with their fine reggae and Burleska with their ska surprised everyone. Then with their California punk style and keeping up with the ska Drinking Water from Yuma, Az performed and everyone started dancing. They played great songs like Primero, Ched and no one could have missed their song tribute to Mexico, which talks about this country and how it has the best beaches to camp and have fun.
Everything was fun and the rain made this afternoon amazing and took this beach party to it’s maximum. There were performances till late with Mexican DJ Chontal, that with his stunning style raised everyone’s hands and brought people who were on the beach and made them with this contagious music and beats to celebrate this festival.
At the end of the festival, the organizations were able to achieve an important fundraiser to those in need.  Participants hope that each year the festival gets more recognition and more people come and join them to practice this new sport. Also they make an invitation to local and foreign bands from anywhere in the world, to come to have fun and entertain this big party.  In addition they want to encourage anyone who wants to participate like painters, photographers, sculptors and craftsmen, to capture all the essence of this festival and show to the public that everyone is welcome to Skim Fest, where the sand, the sea and the sun are the main elements for this great beach party in Puerto Peñasco.


Skim Fest Rocky Point

Skim Fest Rocky Point 2012Skim Fest Rocky Point 2012

Skim Fest Rocky Point 2012

All Photos by Jimmy Maldonado