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El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve in Rocky Point; A desert full of life

El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve in Rocky Point; A desert full of life

Rocky Point has much more than just a beach to enjoy a walk on. Puerto Penasco is located in the northwestern state of Sonora and has one of the 13 Natural Wonders of Mexico, The Biosphere Reserve El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar.
El Pinacate is an area that over the years has hard volcanic and seismic activity. Due to this activity volcanic craters were formed. Elegante Crater  has a diameter of 1600 meters and a depth of 244 meters are also great rivers of lava. In addition there is also a great extension of dunes covering 500 thousand acres within the protected natural area.
Many people have the idea that a desert is a place that has no life, but the Gran Desierto de Altar is a place that has 45 species of mammals among which is the Sonoran pronghorn. This animal can reach up to speeds of 98 km / h and maintain this speed for up to two hours, making it the second fastest animal in the world after the cheetah. Its speed is also their protection against predators.
Another distinctive mammal is the Bighorn Sheep who like to move about the rocks, and camouflage themselves to protect them from any potential threat. Other notable species are the warhog called ghost of the desert, hare, fox, coyote and more.
We can also find 42 species of reptiles such as rattlesnakes, coral snakes, Mohave, Gila monster, chameleon, lizards, Chuckwalla, and the desert tortoise. Not to mention there are over 200 species of plants such as cholla, palo verde, mesquite, ironwood, saguaro cactus, senitas, ocotillo and many more.

As mentioned above this desert has a huge ecosystem and you can only imagine how much there is to do in this unique place. Apart from having contact with nature it has been a place where great films, documentaries and soap operas like Nina Mexican My Heart which were recored. In addition to these films a promotional video of the state of Sonora in Bicentennial Stars and other videos of well-known Mexican singers were filmed here.
El Pinacate is a place with a great and interesting history of the tribe who is known as the Papagos. To this day I have been lucky enough to meet the personnel from around the world who made the special trip to Puerto Penasco to see this marvel. United States, Argentina, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, and of course Mexico to name a few nations were given the opportunity to enjoy a day at the Pinacate. Recently, El Pinacate has a Visitor Center Shcuk Toak, meaning Sacred Mountain which from the Tohono Ohodam dialect. It can be visited and enjoyed by the river of lava that has over 9000 years old.
The truth is this place is so interesting that there are many things to talk about, but I suggest  to visit El Pinacate and discover that Mexico is truly a spectacular place.
Photos by: LAA