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Welcome readers to "The Blog"

Welcome readers to "The Blog"


Rocky Point Aerial Picture
Overflying Rocky Point in an ultralight is one of the most incredible experience to have when visiting Rocky Point

Welcome to this new adventure we just started, we are happy to have this forum where we can comment all these “tips” you need to know about your stay in Rocky Point.
The team who puts together”The Blog”, is excited to bring you information on many topics of interest in our town. Especially, those having to do with you packing your bags and visiting the heavenly Rocky Point.
Every week I will have an opportunity to comment on various sections of this blog, especially in “Lodging and General Information”. The team of “The Blog” will always be alert to the concerns of our readers as well as the hundreds of people that report daily to the reservation central where we work.
I am eager to share my experiences with you, what I have learned from this wonderful place in my few years living here. Being originally from another part of the Sea of Cortes in the State of Sonora, I’ve found the perfect home in Rocky Point where I could fill my life with joy, meeting friends who now are like my family and having the opportunity to work with amazing people every day to help many visitors materialize their beach vacation.
On this occasion I would like to tell you more about myself, so you can get to know better who is publishing this blog. I have a university education in business tourism, and in my early working years I made my way through the Food and Beverage Industry. My first job in Puerto Peñasco was in the Groups and Convention area in which I had the chance to learn a lot about the hospitality industry, and also about events and wedding coordination.
To date, I have the incredible advantage of being in a job where every day I can have contact with not only one, but most of the touristic Hotels and Resorts in Rocky Point, since our job is linking properties and clients, advising and providing information on visits to Puerto Penasco. It is a job that gives great satisfaction as we partake in the enthusiasm of the people and the expectation of their holiday by the sea.
But all is not bliss when preparing a holiday, you can always present run into unforseen circumstances that although they are sometimes very minimal can dull the enthusiasm of the vacation. That is why this blog hopes to be useful when planning your next visit to Puerto Penasco.
This time I am sharing a some pictures  taken with my camera while overflying Rocky Point on an ultralight, I am afraid of heights but do this again as many times as possible.
Send us your comments or a request for a specific topic you want to develop on lodging in Puerto Penasco … we’re eager to hear from you!
Rocky Point Aerial Photo
Rocky Point Aerial Photo, Overflying El Mirador towards Sandy Beach

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