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Bird Island in Rocky Point: Fun under the Sea of Cortes

Bird Island in Rocky Point: Fun under the Sea of Cortes

Bird Island Rocky Point Sea of Cortes
Bird Island in Rocky Point, Mexico

Isla San Jorge is located just 43 kilometers from Puerto Penasco Sonora, one of the fastest growing tourist destinations today, located in northwestern Mexico in the Upper Gulf of California. The island is also known in English as “Bird Island” and is part of a group of islands in a protected area in the Sea of Cortes.
Bird Island in Puerto Penasco is best known for housing a colony of about 2,500 sea lions, making it the largest colony of its species in Mexico. Taking a trip to Bird Island in Puerto Penasco is an amazing experience. As you approach the island you can hear the sounds (barking) made by sea lions and watch dolphins escort the approaching boats to the island. During the season from November to April you can see species such as whales and killer whales traveling north of the Gulf to areas of outcrop.
Sea Lions in Rocky Point Bird Island
Al colony of more than 2,500 sea lions live in Bird Island

California sea lions like to play on the reefs, or sunbathe on the rocks and visitors can easily watch as they interact with nature and each other. Being able to see enjoy these mammals in their natural habitat has proved a great attraction for locals and foreigners in the region.
You can carry out various activities on your trip such as taking a boat trip to the island, fishing, snorkeling and diving, and also a simple stroll through the tranquil waters of the Sea of Cortes can be unforgettable.
There is opportunity to do this ride in private boats but other methods of transportation such as kayaks and rides in speed boats are offered to wander around the island. You can always find your preferred service to get the best benefit from this experience.
Kayak Bird Island Rocky Point
Kayaking, Diving and Snorkeling are some of the fun activities to practice when visiting Bird Island in Rocky Point Mexico.

For diving and snorkeling trips you will be given the necessary gear and depending on the excursion, it may include lunch and beverages.
Beyond these activities the island of San Jorge in Puerto Peñasco is also a well-known place to practice bird watching. The different species on the island of San Jorge are the penguin, cormorants, brown pelicans rub juncos ethereal and other marine species such as dolphins and whales also in season.
Bird Island is located in the beautiful Sea of Cortes, also known as the Gulf of California, and has a huge concentration of microscopic organisms and biodiversity that has earned the name “The World’s Aquarium” given by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.
This is just one of the activities you can do while in Puerto Penasco Sonora Mexico, a tourist destination with a mixture of sea and desert which has much to offer its visitors. Hotels and Resorts in Puerto Penasco with amenities and world-class services, offer much more than sun and sand to its vacationers. The Rocky Point Resorts are designed to exceed all expectations of luxury and comfort, most of which are fully equipped condominiums facing the sea. Puerto Penasco Sonora, Mexico is located just 1 hour from the U.S. border and 3.5 hours from Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona and at the same distance from large cities such as Mexicali in Baja California.
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