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5 "tips" to decide on your stay in Rocky Point

5 "tips" to decide on your stay in Rocky Point

Beach holiday. Destination: Puerto Penasco, 5 “tips” to decide on your stay
Vacations, Beach, Sun! Imagining your family and friends, spending time outside the daily routine of work, school, housework can be enjoyable. The preparation for the holidays is synonymous with excitement and joy, but ensure to arrange this early because waiting might cause unwanted stress for you and your family. It is quite important to take care of every detail when planning some exciting days away from home.
You’ve decided to travel to Puerto Penasco since it meets the requirements for your next vacation. It is important to take some of the following “Tips” when you start planning your stay. Most importantly choosing the hotel that that best fits your budget and needs:

Rocky Point Beach Stay
Enjoy planning your stay with a few recommendations

1. Hotel or Condo:
A hotel or condo could very easily define most of  how the vacation will go. In Puerto Peñasco there are many options, tourists will have a great range of hotels and condominiums to choose from. If you have not had the chance to stay in Puerto Penasco, both options are excellent and leave you completely satisfied. We suggest that you take into account, the number of days of your stay, the number of people, and the type of service you require during your vacation when deciding whether to stay in a house or condo.
There are hotels that can accommodate their rooms for more than 4 people, but usually in a conventional room 4 would be the maximum allowed. The Resorts condominium units have capacity for more than 4 people availble. Condos range from 2 to 5 bedrooms.
If you stay a little longer, you could also consider staying in one of the comfortable condominiums with fully equipped kitchen and laundry room, so you could adjust your budget to cook your own food if you consider it necessary. Most of these condominiums offer complete cleaning daily.
Of course it is understood that on vacation you don’t want to have to dishes or make beds. All of these hotels have all the daily services characteristic of conventional hotels.
There are also options where you can have it all at once, a condominium and 100% of hotel amenities and services. Surely your booking agent will give you options on this.
2. Booking Agency ?
Many times we thought that booking through a booking agency can be more expensive, but there are many options when you book your stay in Puerto Penasco. You can see all these different options and compare them online. The advantage we to have a reservation agent is that you can look at several options for the destination. Most agencies that specialize in Rocky Point will offer the most competitive prices, sometimes they even might surprise you with lower prices. But to ask and compare costs nothing! Take advantage of this and get the best rate possible while considering your options.
3. Learn about payment and cancellation policies.
Not everything is handled the same way, whether you book online, with an agent or directly at the hotel is your choice. It is always important to clearly understand the payment policies, change and cancellation rules and refunds. Never give is understood issue since you can take unpleasant surprises trying to make changes in your reservation beyond the time listed, or not to cancel the reservation, sometimes unforeseen force us to change your plans can be for themselves quite annoying to have to deal with that you do not want to cancel your reservation, change your date or your money back.
4. Pack your bags and make your travel itinerary
Now that your trip is organized you can have more idea of what to expect on your next stay in Puerto Penasco. Prepare your suitcase with your bathing suit, hat and sunscreen and you will be able to enjoy a great vacation by the sea. You can do a brief search of the climate during the dates of your stay, although it is quite stable and no rain during this time. It’s always good to prepare light clothing to not suffer from the high temperatures during the summer. A good sunscreen to protect your skin is something that you should not forget, although you can find it in any store.
Before leaving your home, consider what you require to travel to Puerto Penasco. Depending on where your coming from, research the best route to your destination and if you are going to need auto insurance and passport to reenter the country (if coming from the U.S.). And something very important is to print your confirmation letter and bring it with you to check into hotel. Also remember your photo ID, most hotels request this. Many hotel lobbies in Puerto Penasco do not have a 24 hour service, read your confirmation letter and check what your case is. Also check as many rental companies have offices that may be located outside the property that they rent.
5. Make the most of it.
Whichever option you choose will be perfect, enjoy it! Read about the activities you can do during your stay, places to, and where the evenings fun is being held. But above all make the most of the incredible Sea of Cortes and what Puerto Peñasco has for its visitors.
We hope that these “Tips” are helpful for planning your trip to Puerto Penasco. Hope to see you soon!