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Blue Marlin great restaurant at the Old Port

Blue Marlin great restaurant at the Old Port

One of the most popular restaurants in Rocky Point and also favorite for visitors.  Blue Marlin in Puerto Viejo is located in the newly renovated Old Port, and from this location, you can enjoy incredible views of the harbor. The restaurant is located in one of the more traditional walkers to walk toward the Church of the Port. Blue Marlin offers variety of dishes based on seafood, and a great atmosphere that characterizes this area Pueto Peñasco.
“Combinacion Neptuno” is a delightful dish of 4 courses: Some say a picture says more than 1,000 words enjoy this great ones…
Salad Blue Marlin
Choice of Salad or Soup as first course

Clams with buttery garlic alioli sauce as a second course

Breaded Oysters
Breaded Oysters as a third course

Main Course
Combinacion Neptuno’s main course, shrimp and fish in various presentations

Amazing View from the Blue Marlin deck