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Las Palomas Resort Webcam & Other Views

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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Webcams

Webcams in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) 

I love webcams. I like the idea that I can sit at my desk and peek in on all the interesting places in the world.

I’ve been working for years to get some webcams up and running in Puerto Penasco, simply so I can do just that – take a few minutes out of my day and peek at Puerto Penasco. And then pretend I’m sitting there with a fish taco in one hand and a Dos Equis in the other.

There are currently six or so webcams running in Puerto Penasco, and I’d love to see more. If you know of – or run – another webcam in Puerto Penasco, please email me so I can add you to the list!

Las Palomas Resort Live Webcam

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Las Palomas Webcam Rocky Point Mexico



Rocky Point Mexico

The newest webcam up and running in Puerto Penasco is the MOAB-cam, which went online in Sept. 2006.

Dave with has hooked up yet another awesome webcam in Puerto Penasco. This one faces west / southwest towards Matamoros, and points at the MOAB Restaurant – it’s the large white building smack dab in the middle of the picture.

Congrats and thanks to Dave for hooking this up! The Rocky Point Times did a nice writeup on the first two webcams he set up – which are located at the bottom of this page – as they were the first full-time live webcams ever up and running in Puerto Penasco.

You can read their article here (it’s a PDF).


CEDO – The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans – finally got their CEDO-CAM online with a little help from, which we were happy to provide. It’s a great addition to the live weather station CEDO already has in place.

CEDO-CAM is pointed southeast from their office, and updates every 5 minutes. Check out CEDO for more information.


Puerto Penasco

Manny’s Beach Club Cams

Rocky Point I have to admit, I’m a little jealous they got this up and running before I did, but Manny’s Beach Club and Sat/Net Puerto Penasco have two live webcams up and running.

One looks into Manny’s, and the other looks out at the beach.

Congrats to Manny’s Beach Club and Sat/Net Puerto Penasco for getting these cameras up and running!

The Casa Blanca Golf Villas Webcams

The Casa Blanca Golf Villas have two webcams up and running – one points towards the ongoing construction of their “Building E” and the other points at some of their landscaping. The link to the webcams is found in the lower lefthand corner of

(p.s. hey! Your webcams are great but your email address is broken! Drop me a line!)

Esmeralda Resorts

Looks like the same folks also have four webcams running at Esmeralda Resort/Sandy Beach Resorts, available at

Congrats to Manny’s Beach Club and Sat/Net Puerto Penasco for getting these cameras up and running!

Rocky Point Mexico( Find an error on this page? Have a comment? Want something added here? Drop us an email! )