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Shuttle and Taxi

Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Shuttle and Taxi

Trying to find a reliability shuttle service to Rocky Point or taxi  service in Rocky Point?

Rocky Point is primarily a drive to destination so there is a need for transportation services to get people to their final destination, Rocky Point Mexico. There are a few Rocky Point shuttle companies available to take you to Rocky Point and back for a cost. Some shuttles will offer both round trip and one way. The cost is generally per person and the rates can be discounted if there is a group in the Rocky Point shuttle.

For the most part, these Rocky Point shuttle companies use a 15 passenger van to take its clients on their Rocky Point trip. The Rocky Point shuttle will pick you up at a designated location, take you to Rocky Point and be there for you to bring you back when your trip is over.

Looking for a Rocky Point shuttle service for you or a group of friends/family? You can contact Head Out Rocky Point, they have been in business for over 15 years.

Contact Mike and Lynelle at this phone Number: 602-971-0166

Toll Free: 866-443-2368 ( 866-4HEADOUT )

What do you do for transportation around town? While in Rocky Point, there are taxis driving around looking for people in need of its services. If you are staying at the resorts on Sandy beach, there are generally Taxis lined up ready to take people where they need to go. For the most part, these Taxis are white compact cars. They have a “Taxi” sign on the roof of the car. The cost to take a Taxi is negotiable with the driver upon your entrance into the Taxi.