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Rocky Point Nude Beaches

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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Nude Beach

Nude beaches, are there any in Puerto Penasco Rocky Point)?

A lot of people email me asking about whether or not there are nude beaches in Penasco. More so than would probably admit it if asked 🙂

The answer right now is ‘no’ – right now there are no official nude beaches in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

Now, I’ve personally run across a few sunbathers of the ‘european’ persuasion quietly catching a few rays sans tops here and there, but this is usually in the quiet, more private resorts or in the private houses and condos. Probably with the same amount of frequency you would at any vacation area stateside.

Doing this out on the beach, I think, would get a warning, not to mention a pretty high ogle factor, which is often worse.

This isn’t to say that it is completely out of the question to encounter, uh, spontaneous recreational nudity here and there (usually in the vicinity of large amounts of Dos Equis) but at the moment there’s no official place to catch a few rays while nude.

Perhaps some people will get together and purchase or designate some space for this in the future, but right now I’m not aware of any plans to do so.