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Furniture Stores in Puerto Penasco Mexico

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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Furniture

Looking to furnish your condo or buy some neat pieces for your Rocky Point beach home?

Many visitors have fallen in love with Rocky Point and have considered to purchase a condo or a beach home to spend their vacation in Mexico. For those that need it, there are many stores in Penasco and in Phoenix where you can purchase furniture at a very reasonable price. 

Buying furniture in the US and just taking it across the border won’t work,  it is not allowed by law.  You need to make sure that the company you are buying the furniture from can legally delivers the furniture to your desired location. That is if you decide to buy it in the US.  If you purchase the items in Mexico, that is no longer a problem.

Below we have listed a few furniture stores for your reference. Please know there are other furniture stores in Rocky Point and we will be updating it as information becomes available

Casa Bonita is a furniture store that has been in business for 17 years. They offered complete condo packages and have furnished models at Esmeralda and Casa Blanca.

Casa Bonita’s furniture is all made in Penasco and they help you free of charge with any interior design need.  They are located in the old port across Puerta Privada (Enrique Alcazar #20).

Furniture Creations in Phoenix (in the South East Corner of Elliot and Rural) delivers all your furniture to your final destination in Rocky Point. They offer a purchase to installation service experience. You will pay no sales tax (out of state shipping) when you purchase furniture for your Penasco condo or beach home. Furniture Creation will pay the border tax, they will take care of everything and you won’t worry abou any problems at the border.

Howie World Furniture in Penasco is known for its great service, quality and prices. They also have a location in Phoenix but the one in Rocky Point is at Blvd. Benito Jaurez #401, local 12. They also offer condo packages and they have an incredible amount of inventory. No sales tax to you either and they take care of the entire custom process if furniture needs to be shipped from a US location. Interior designers are available on site.

Ashley Furniture Homestore store has many locations in Mexico and in the states.  They are a very popular choice among condo owners and beach home owners.  Ashley has a showroom at Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort (Crystal Building 308).  Ashley also has condo packages starting at $2K (USD). All major credit cards are accepted at this furniture store.

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