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Jobs in Rocky Point Mexico

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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Employment

Employment in Rocky Point Mexico (Puerto Penasco)

Peñasco is now making a transition to an economy based heavily on tourism and foreign visitor services. Local residents, especially those just entering the workforce who are bi-lingual, are best positioned to find employment.

Foreigners may find opportunities in self employed ‘niches’ filling product, services gaps that this unfolding resort area presents. Some may find opportunities with existing foreign owned/managed businesses in the area.

(Note: Minimum wage in Mexico is approximately $4.00 dollars a day (in US Dollars) Personal income tax rates are approximately 32%)

WARNING: It is illegal to work in Mexico without permission from the Mexican government. You may be ‘turned in’ to authorities, arrested & fined. The work document is an FM-3, and can be applied for at the local immigration office, or any Mexican Consulate office in the United States.


  • has written a pretty down and dirty personal experience entitled ‘Live Better South of the Border’ that covers the many ‘different flavors’ of FM-2’s and FM-3’s, and offers consulting on the matter – for a fee, of course.
  •, the ‘Electronic Magazine all about Mexico’, answers the question ‘Can I get my FM-3 before entering Mexico?’ and provides some personal tips on payment and obtaining the visa.
  • Social Networks are now one of the main vehicles to look for jobs and in Puerto Peñasco there is a popular group name Facejob Penasco